8 Best Colored Pencils For Bible Journaling In 2023

In this article, we share with you the best colored pencils For Bible Journaling. So that you can easily find the best colored pencils for your Bible Journaling.

If you are fond of Bible journaling, then colored pencils will make your journey remarkable. Express and illustrate what you are learning from Bible in a beautiful way by using vibrant pencils. They look attractive, are easy to use, and are super versatile.

Fortunately, there are wide options available in the market, and deciding the best bible journaling pencils is a challenging task. After completing our research, we have shortlisted the 8 best colored pencils that will surely help you in journaling. Let’s dive into these.

In a Harry!! Comparison Table of Our Top Picks

Types of Colored Pencils For Bible Journaling

There are three types of colored pencils available in the market, and you should know about them before purchasing. These are:

Water-soluble pencils: These pencils are easy to use as they dissolve in water and create beautiful effects. You can use a paintbrush or watercolor to spread the color around the page.

Oil-based pencils: Oil-based pencils are quite difficult to use as compared to water-soluble ones. They require a lot of pressure to lay down the color and can be used for detailed work.

Wax-based pencils: Wax-based pencils are perfect for beginners as they are easy to use and require less pressure. They also provide good coverage.

Now that you know about the types of colored pencils, let’s take a look at the best options available in the market.

The 8 Best Colored Pencils For Bible Journaling

Here is the list of 8 best colored pencils that are perfect for bible journaling.

01. SKKSTATIONERY 48 Pcs Colored Pencils

SKKSTATIONERY 48 Pcs Colored Pencils

Your Bible journal needs something extraordinary to make it practical and functional. Made with high-quality canvas, these best colored pencils for the Bible are very smooth and fine. It comes in a pack that is having 48 pieces of colored pencils.

All of the pencils are already sharpened, and the colors are rich. They come in a proper pack; this helps you to carry them anywhere you want. The best thing about this pencil is that it comes with a guarantee.

  • Unique colours. n High-quality material. n Perfect tones and colours. n Affordable.
  • Some shades are pastel.

02. 120 Colored Pencils Set

120 Colored Pencils Set

Make your journal attractive with different colors. This set of pencils have 120 unique and astounding colors, and all of them are highly pigmented. These pencils are made with durable basswood and have a strong core; this makes them durable.

It comes in a portable tin box, so you can easily take these in church or during traveling. You will love its blending and layering; it will allow you to have gorgeous shades on your Bible journal. These beautiful pencils had a color code that enables you to pick up your favorite color easily.

  • Rich and vivid colours. n Precision lead. n Portable and versatile. n Non-toxic. n High-quality.
  • Extra sturdy.

03. Crayola Colored Pencils

Crayola Colored Pencils

Your artistic soul needs a creative pencil for showing the talent in your beloved book. This Crayola colored pencils for bible journaling is a set of 50 vibrant colors that will help you highlight your favorite verse or anything you feel an affiliation with. Colouring in your lesson will also help you in memorizing it easily.

These entertaining and straightforward pencils have superior quality, and as it comes pre-sharpened, you can use them immediately. You will surely love to color with vibrant and smooth pencils.

  • Helps in highlight. n Durable and safe. n Includes 50 unique colours. n Pre-sharpened.
  • Not spectacular.

04. FUNLAVIE Colored Pencils

FUNLAVIE Colored Pencils

The FUNLAVIE coloring pencils are made with premium wood and are much more durable than traditional ones. Invest in this set of 24 pencils, and you won’t regret it. Without breaking the tip, again and again, it will sharp easily. These high-quality are oil-based pencils with rich colors, strong tips, excellent grip, perfect blend, and outstanding durability.

These smooth pencils are not only perfect for bible journaling but also suitable for all other art projects. Because of the solid beech in these pencils, the lead will be more protected than many others. Your art creation will stay with you for a longer time as it is much durable. Moreover, these pencils are non-toxic and don’t cause any bad impact on the environment.

  • Premium quality. n Smooth and soft. n Environmentally friendly. n Easy to use. n Portable pack.
  • Only 24 different colours.

05. Castle Art Supplies 120 Colored Pencils Set

Castle Art Supplies 120 Colored Pencils

When we talk about the best colored pencils for bible journaling, then Castle Art Supplies must mention them. Hundreds and thousands of artists love this pencil as it helps it in creating artwork. The leads of these pencils are high pigmented, velvety, and rich. You can make your desired creative while making a minimal effort.

As you can easily create perfect layering and blending through these pencils; so you can get the ideal shade and effect. You will find it a pleasure to write on your bible journal through these pencils. It is arranged in three color shades; this allows easy organization and recognition. The color-coded pencils come in a tin box that is super easy to carry around.

  • Vivid colours. n Layering quality. n Excellent packaging. n Premium quality.
  • A bit expensive.

06. Coloured Pencils Set for Adult and Kids

Coloured Pencils Set for Adult and Kids

Take your colored pencils set with you in church, during traveling, or in your class. The COVACURE is a set of 36 pencils with incredible design and a protector on the tip that makes it safe for the trip. The hardness of this pencil is quite higher than traditional ones. Its superb soft lead will not break again and again.

You just need to glide it effortlessly on your journal, and it will give an absolutely perfect look. This pencil set is good for writing in a Bible journal and suitable for coloring and sketching. It is made with premium quality canvas and is secured with leather that makes it durable. You will love the individual compartments of this stylish and lightweight pencil set.

  • Premium quality. n Ideal lead. n Perfect for a gift. n Lightweight and portable.
  • Sharpener quality is not good.

07. Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils

Premier Colored Pencils, Soft Core, 72 Pack

The Premier Colored pencils are constructed with Prisma colors; this makes them durable and long-lasting. Everyone loves these pencils because of their fantastic quality and perfect lead. The lead is super velvety, creamy, and soft, making it easy to write. This pencil layer and blends perfectly. Go to church with your journal, and write whatever you learn there with this pencil. With its comfortable grip, your hand won’t get tired.

This set of 72 packs have all the unique and fantastic colors that everyone loves. Without any breakage, the lead sharpens nicely. All the colors are beautiful, vibrant and will surely add a good impact on your journal. You won’t find a better quality product at such an affordable price.

  • Soft and creamy. n Blends perfectly. n Premium quality. n Sharpens easily.
  • Not very bright pigments.

08. LYRA dry highlighters pencils bible safe

LYRA dry highlighters pencils

The LYRA highlighter color pencils are perfect for Bible journaling so that you can use them for the purpose of learning. It comes in five different colors that include green, blue, red, lime, and orange. As all these colors are ultra-bright, it will surely help you focus on your work. These pencils play the function of highlighter perfectly as it performs its function without bleeding.

Made with natural wood, this good-quality pencil will stay with you for a long time. It provides you with a comfortable grip, so this would be your essential stationery item when you start learning. The best feature of this is that it is environmentally friendly and is non-toxic.

  • Very effective. n Smooth writing. n Highlights incredibly. n No bleeding. n Environmentally friendly.
  • Extra thick for a pencil sharpener.

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Q: How can you use colored pencils in Bible Journaling?

You can use pencils in different ways while journaling. Here are some creative ideas for you!

  • If you take a journal with you while going out, these pencils will help you take notes. You can write on the margins too! A portable set of pencils will help you a lot during traveling.
  • Highlight your favorite verse with a colored pencil; this will help you in memorizing it easily. It acts as a bleed-free highlight; just dry color it, and it will stand out from others.
  • With a colored pencil, you can make a beautiful background; this will add a vibrant impact to the page. Use a colored pencil for blending and layering to create a fantastic shade and effect on the paper.
  • Stamps in the bible page are fantastic; color in a stamped image and add impressive art in your journal.

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Colored Pencils For Bible Journaling?

While selecting the best pencil for yourself, you need to do some research. Here are some essential features that you must consider before making any final decision.

High Quality

The high-quality pencils are smooth and are easy to use. It would help if you chose a colored pencil that can glide easily on your journal. Those with low-quality pencils will leave marks on the paper and make it difficult for you to do your art.


Decide the budget that you will invest in the pencils and select one that matches your preferences. A premium quality pencil could be a bit more expensive than a cheaper one, but it is worth buying as it will stay with you for a longer time.

Blending and layering

An excellent colored pencil has great blending and layering quality; this will help you get desired shades and effects. It will also make your art smooth and perfect. Usually, a pencil with a thin lead provides more blending, as a fine tip will ensure precision.

Perfect Lead

A perfect lead is necessary for writing effortlessly. A high-quality, thoughtfully crafted lead will not create any problem for you while doing art or jotting down your notes. While a cheap lead may keep on breaking and you will need to sharpen it frequently.

Velvety and vibrant colors

The good colored pencils have unique colors, and they must be velvety and vibrant. A rich color will help you by highlighting your favorite topics quickly. It also puts an impact on the overall impression of the journal. With bright colors, the journal starts looking more attractive.

Final Verdict-Best Colored Pencils For Bible Journaling

Hopefully, this article was helpful for you in making the best decision. A superior-quality smooth pencil will help you in memorizing the verses. Make your journal more attractive and functional through the right stationery. Choose a pencil that you will feel is more appropriate and suitable. You can also use these sets to give a gift to your loved ones.

Happy Learning!

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