5 Best Nail Whitening Pencil Of 2023

The Regular use of nail polishes may dull your natural nail shine and leave a yellowish stain on them which looks quite annoying as well as unhealthy. However, this doesn’t mean that yellow nails represent cleanliness they can be due to myriad other reasons.

They can be due to some fungal infection, deficiency of nutrients, or some underlying medical condition that needs your attention. To treat all these things and make your nails whiter here we have some assorted best nail whitening pencils.

In a hurry! Here is our top pick:

Comparison Chart: Best Nail whitening pencil

1. Golden Rose Nail Whitening Pencil

2. Pana Professional USA Ceramic White Under Nail Cleaner

3. Flowery White Nail Pencil

4. Eveline Cosmetics 3 In 1 Instantly Whiter Nail Whitener

5. Sally Hansen 2-in-1 Nail Whitening Pencil with Cuticle Pusher

Item Weight: 3.53 ounces

Item Weight: 0.634 ounces

Item Weight: 1.6 ounces

Item Weight: 2.08 ounces

Item Weight: 0.32 ounces

Used Wet or Dry: Both

Used Wet or Dry: Both

Used Wet or Dry: Both

Used Wet or Dry: Dry

Used Wet or Dry: Dry

Cuticle Pusher Included: Yes

Cuticle Pusher Included: No

Cuticle Pusher Included: Yes

Cuticle Pusher Included: No

Cuticle Pusher Included: Yes

Why do you need a Nail whitening pencil?

The color of your nails might get dull due to various reasons as it is directly impacted by the diet you take. Dermatologists believe that having a diet full of useful vitamins and nutrients will encourage whiter, stronger nails along with increased nail growth. On the other hand, when you consume a diet laden with extra salt, sugar, and a lot of fried food, which is not healthy at all and it adversely affects nails.

So if you have eating habits that could adversely affect your nails then make sure to change it bit by bit and practice the use of nail whitening pencils. These will make your problem easier and make your nails appear whiter.

How To Use A Nail Whitening Pencil?

A nail whitener pencil is just like an eyeliner pencil we use. We can apply it on the edges of the nail to make them look white, also giving a French manicure look. A step-to-step guide is stated below on how to apply the nail whitening pencils?

  • Firstly, remove all the dirt or an applied nail polish using a nail polish remover.
  • Wait for your fingers and nails to be completely clean and dry.
  • Choose a nail whitening pencil and make its tip wet.
  • Evenly apply the wet tip on the edges and under your nails.
  • Cover the entire tip of your nails with white color.
  • Repeat the same with all your fingers.

Does a nail whitening pencil make any difference?

Nail whitening pencil does wonder when you don’t have your manicure done and you want to look tidy and elegant. Using nail whitening pencils, all the defects i.e, split nails, spots, ridges, and everything will be hidden and it will give you a nicer look. Using a nail whitening pencil is the most desired and promising option to give your nails a nicer look.

Some major advantages of the best nail whitening pencils include their affordable cost, easy application, being timely, and not much of a mess. Available in any nearby drugstore or online too.

Can you make your nails whiter at your home too?

Home treatments can be carried out simply and give a rather lighter look to your nails. Use baking soda to rub underneath and on the sides of your nails with a nailbrush. This will make your nails clean. And repeating the remedy daily might give some good results. But avoid using any bleaching products to get instant results as home remedies take some time to show their result.

If you are not satisfied with the gradual whitening of your nails then switch to the best nail whitening pencil to get instant results sitting at home.

Have a look at some of the best nail whitening pencils we have compiled for you have the best features present in the market. So don’t wait and get your hands on these instead of spending a lot more on mani-pedi treatments.

1. Golden Rose Nail Whitening Pencil

Golden rose whitening pencil is one of the best in the market designed especially for professional applications in beauty salons. The main purpose of these whitening pencils is for French manicures, but you are free to use them when you want your nails super white.

The pencil has excellent features and one of them is that it can be applied to wet or dry nails and it will give off the same perfect results. As a matter of fact, after its testing in several countries, most dermatologists recommended this to nake nails whiter.

This pencil does not crumble at all and this makes it easy to use and very time-saving. Hence, the success rates in making your nails cleaner and whiter are much higher.

  • Elegant and classy design.nCan be applied wet or dry.nA cuticle pusher is included in the package.nCrumble free.
  • A bit hard for some users.nExpensive.

2. Pana Professional USA Ceramic White Under Nail Cleaner

Pana Professional USA Ceramic is something more than a simple nail whitening pencil. The construction and design of the pen give off futuristic looks and has ceramic components. Designed mainly for professional use as it is a bit more complicated to use than other products mentioned here but the results are 100% guaranteed.

The nail cleaner bit will assist in removing the deposits underneath your nails, around the cuticle area, and on the surface. The slim, ceramic design makes this nail whitening pen extremely durable and safe to use at home too. It will effortlessly remove any gel residue present and simply makes sure your nails are 100% clean.

  • Slim u0026 Ceramic design.nHigh quality with durable materials.nSuitable for professionals.
  • Lack of details on the package.

3. Flowery White Nail Pencil

Flowery White Nail is one of the best nail whitening pencils and is admired by most people. The pencil is made of high-quality products, only natural ingredients are used in its making and what makes it promising is that it belongs to the United States.

The pencil has excellent reviews and even you can see results within 3 days of regular use. The pencil needs sharpening with a pencil sharpener from time to time. Keep in mind that the sharpener should be very sharp or else it might damage the pencil. Additional features include a cuticle pusher that cleans the sides of your nails.

These two features work well together. The best time to apply it is before bedtime so that it remains there for a long time and when you remove it in the morning the results can be seen.

  • Cuticle pusher included.nCan be used to remove dirt easily from under the nails.nA natural component used.nA 4-in-1 pencil.
  • Lack of details.nPoor packaging.

4. Eveline Cosmetics 3 In 1 Instantly Whiter Nail Whitener

This nail whitener is known to lighten nails and improve the growth of your nails. This whitener will Improve the appearance immediately as it restores the discolored nails. This product will ensure that your nails look a lot healthier and cleaner than before.

Moreover, this Eveline nail whitener will smooth out all your uneven nails.

  • Can be used as a base coat.nPocket friendly.nInstant results.
  • Didn’t work for a few.nNeeds consistency to give good results.

5. Sally Hansen 2-in-1 Nail Whitening Pencil with Cuticle Pusher

Sally Hansen is also one of the well-known and trusted brands that never ceases to amaze us. It has the best nail products for people. However, this product makes your tips healthier and looks whiter. Let it be used during a manicure or at home to give your nails a finished look.

It can be applied smoothly on your nails as the formula is water-activated. Moreover, it works for people having sensitive skin and is approved by dermatologists too.

  • Natural-looking.nPortable and can be carried in your handbag too.nCan be applied in manicures.
  • Hard to find in stores.nMay break when sharpening the wrong way.

What To Look For In The Best Nail Whitening Pencil?

No need to buy 10 products and then find the one that actually works. So whenever you are going to buy something look for the buying guide so you end up having the best one.

Here are all the main parameters that need to be considered well before making a purchase and that will help you get the finished nail looks you want at your home and you don’t need to spend extra money for manicures and pedicures.

Reaction time

This factor means the average time the pencil needs in order to produce good results. With most new and better working models this time is around 5 minutes or even less. However, some other older models need 10 to 15 minutes too.

Although this isn’t a game-changing factor, it’s rather important because obviously, you want to treat your nails as quickly as possible. And if the pencil allows it then it’s something good otherwise you would have to make other things wait due to this. As it is clear, natural ingredients-based pencils usually have slower results than those with chemicals. However, they are utterly safe to use, and they can be durable too.


Most nail whiteners have this 2-in-1 feature. The first one is usually to whiten the nails while the second assists in pushing the cuticles inside. You can see models that say even 10-in-1 but they all provide almost the same thing.

The cap of the best nail whitening pencil is usually the cuticle pusher and it is a quite painless process that requires a few additional minutes and is effective too.

Used on Wet or dry

Some nail whitening pencils can be used for only dry nails, while others can be used on wet nails. We believe that the best nail whitening pencil is the one that can easily be used in either case. So you don’t need to wait long intervals for the nails to get dry or make them wet to get them treated. Also, it doesn’t work for professionals if the nail whitening pencil doesn’t work in both.


All these nail-whitening pencils need to be sharpened with good sharpeners so they might get damaged. Each time you sharpen your pencil, its lifespan will become shorter like other pencils. Most of these come with a 20-usages lifespan and this is quite sufficient considering that they are cost-friendly too.


This is the factor that makes a great difference. You can either choose natural or artificial products inside your nail whitening pencil. It totally depends on you but what we recommend is to always go with the one having natural compounds. It may be a little slower to give you the best results, but it will be much safer and you can use it anytime without any risk.


How often should I use a nail whitening pencil?

You can use it as per your need. If you want to remove the yellowish stain from your nails then you can use it daily.

Is it safe to use a nail whitening pencil?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use a nail whitening pencil.

How long does the effect of a nail whitening pencil last?

The effect of a nail whitening pencil lasts for 2-3 weeks.


We have compiled for you the best and most money-valued products that offer some mind-blowing results. Now you can choose the best nail whitening pencil keeping in mind the buying guide so you do not waste your money on bad choices. Purchase one of these fantastic products and bring your favorite salon product to your home.

There is no more need to travel to expensive spa salons which sometimes go far and beyond your reach and do not give you the service you require. So choose one of these nail whitening pencils which will give you a fake French manicure look but you will definitely have cleaner-looking hands than ever before.

The multiple feature products can even help you in getting your manicure-pedicure done at home. Like the cuticle, the feature assists us in clearing away the cuticles precisely and also the other residues hiding beneath or on the sides of the nails. Make sure you choose the best nail whitening pencil from here so you do not regret it later and your investment makes you happy too.

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