5 Best Paper Shredders Under $100 [Review 2023]

Best Paper Shredders Under $100

Paper shredders are essential for any office. They make it easy to dispose of sensitive documents, and they can also help reduce the risk of identity theft or fraud. If you’re looking for a new paper shredder that won’t break the bank, then this review is just what you need! We have compiled the five best paper shredders under $100 in 2023, so you can easily find one that best fits your needs.

What is Paper Shredder?

A paper shredder is a machine that cuts documents into pieces, making them impossible to read. Some paper shredders can cut through staples and small plastic items like CD cases. There are two main types of paper shredders: strip-cut and cross-cut. Strip-cutting tends to be used in home offices or smaller businesses, while cross-cut is used in large institutions.

Types of Paper Shredders

There are three types of paper shredders to choose from, each with its own benefits.

  • Strip-cut is the most common type of home office shredder, and it’s great for making sure no one can piece your documents back together again. It cuts along the length of papers so that they become long strips which makes them nearly impossible to reconstruct.
  • Cross-cut is the most common type of shredder used in large businesses and institutions as it can cut through staples and small plastic items. It also creates small squares, which makes it difficult to piece documents back together again.
  • Confetti-cut is a newer type of shredder that cuts paper into tiny pieces, making it impossible to put back together. It is, however, not good for cutting through staples and small plastic items like CD cases.

What Is A Paper Shredder Used For?

A paper shredder can be used to make sure no one gets their hands on your private information, such as account numbers or social security numbers. Over time, it is recommended to get rid of old documents. Documents you should shred include credit card receipts, bank statements, and expired files.

How Do They Work?

Most paper shredders use a motor to spin steel blades. These blades are sharp and can easily cut through papers or CDs/DVDs. Shredding times vary depending on the size of the machine, but generally, it takes seconds for high-quality models to make short work of your documents. There are different types of cutting methods used in paper shredders. These include strip-cut, micro-cut or cross-cut models.

What are the Benefits of Paper Shredders?

Paper shredders have many benefits, including security and convenience. If you work for a company that deals with sensitive data, then it’s especially important to dispose of your documents properly. A paper shredder can help reduce the risk of identity theft or fraud. They are also convenient for individuals who want to dispose of personal documents securely.

How to Clean Paper Shredder?

Many paper shredders have a separate waste bin where shredded pieces collect. You can clean these bins by removing them and shaking or vacuuming the contents into a garbage bag. Some people also choose to wipe down their machines on occasion with a damp cloth, but this is not usually necessary unless there are spills or other issues that need attention.

How to Protect and Maintain Paper Shredder?

To protect and maintain your paper shredder, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely. For example, some machines need to be oiled or cleaned with a specific solvent before use. Some companies also offer an extended warranty that includes coverage for repairs caused by accidents like fire or flood damage. If you take good care of your paper shredder, you can expect it to last for many years of use.

Features of the Best Paper Shredder

Here are some of the features that every best paper shredder delivers:

  • The ability to shred documents into small pieces
  • The ability to shred plastic items like CD cases
  • The ability to shred staples
  • The size of the shredder
  • The noise level of the shredder
  • The warranty offered by the manufacturer
  • How easy it is to operate the machine.

1. Amazon Basics Paper Office Shredder

Amazon Basics Paper Office Shredder
Amazon Basics Paper Office Shredder

Don’t let your personal information fall into the wrong hands! Protect yourself with this powerful paper shredder from AmazonBasics.This cross-cut shredder turns paper into confetti-like pieces, making it impossible for anyone to put the pieces back together and recover your information. It also meets security level P-3 standards, meaning it can handle even the most sensitive documents.

The shredder is easy to operate – just feed in up to 12 sheets of 20-pound bond paper at a time and watch it turn them into tiny pieces. And if you need to destroy a credit card or two, there’s a dedicated slot for that.

The Amazon Basics Paper Office Shredder is a high-quality device that has been quality tested and is perfect for your home or office. It features a 4-mode power switch, auto start, and anti-jam auto-reverse to minimize/clear paper jams, LED indicators, and an easy-to-empty bin.

  • Safeguard your personal informationnnShreds paper into confetti pieces nnProtect yourself from identity theft and fraudnnKeep your personal information safe. nnProtect yourself from identity theft. n
  • Some users find the shred size quite larger than usual.

2. Aurora AU1230XA Anti-Jam Paper Shredder

Aurora AU1230XA Anti-Jam Paper Shredder
Aurora AU1230XA Anti-Jam Paper Shredder

Looking for a paper shredder that can handle even the most strenuous jobs? Look no further than the Aurora AU1230XA Anti-Jam 12-Sheet Paper Shredder! This bad boy is equipped with overload and thermal protection, so you never have to worry about it jamming. Plus, its 4-mode power switch makes it easy to customize your shredding experience. And if that’s not enough, its 5.2-Gallon wastebasket ensures that you can shred for hours on end without having to stop to empty the bin.

The Aurora AU1230XA is a cross-cut paper shredder that can handle up to 12 sheets at once. Not only does it efficiently destroy credit cards and small paper clips, but it also comes with a 5-minute continuous run time for nonstop shredding. Plus, the anti-jam auto-reverse function clears any potential jams quickly and easily.

  • It’s a heavy-duty shredder that can handle any job.nYou never have to worry about it jamming because of the overload and thermal protection. nYou’ll be able to shred for hours on end without stopping, making your life easier!nYou’ll never have to worry about your paper shredder breaking down. nYou can finally get rid of all those old documents and feel safe.
  • It may start overheating after years of use.

3. Powershred 12C15 Paper Shredder

Powershred 12C15 Paper Shredder
Powershred 12C15 Paper Shredder

Do you have a lot of paper to shred? The Powershred 12C15 Paper Shredder can help! It also shreds staples, paper clips, and unopened junk mail. Plus, it has a patented Safety Lock that disables the shredder for added safety protection.

The Powershred 12C15 Paper Shredder is perfect for anyone who wants to ensure their confidential documents are shredded into tiny particles that are virtually impossible to put back together again. This shredder also easily destroys staples, paper clips, and unopened junk mail, making it a great choice for anyone with a busy desk.

  • Destroy confidential documentsnShreds staples, paper clips, and junk mailnMake your office a more productive space.nKeep your private information safe from prying eyesnReduce the risk of identity theft or fraud.
  • Kind of messy when emptying the basket

4. Aurora AU1220XA Paper and Credit Card Shredder

Aurora AU1220XA Paper and Credit Card Shredder
Aurora AU1220XA Paper and Credit Card Shredder

Looking for a reliable and powerful paper and credit card shredder? Look no further than the Aurora AU1220XA! This top-of-the-line shredder can handle up to 12 sheets at once, and it also destroys credit cards and small paper clips. Plus, its 3-minute continuous run timer ensures that you can get through all your shredding in a hurry.

Protect your information with this top-of-the-line paper and credit card shredder. The AU1220XA has overload and thermal protection, a 4-mode power switch, and a 5.2-gallon wastebasket to keep your stuff safe and secure. So don’t take any chances – protect yourself with the AU1220XA!

  • Shreds paper and credit cards to prevent identity theft.nRuns for 3 minutes without stopping.nYou’ll feel safe, secure, and in control of your information.nSafely destroys personal information in a timely manner.nPowerful and efficient.
  • Becomes noisy when not well maintained

5. Amazon Basics Paper and Credit Card Shredder

Amazon Basics Paper and Credit Card Shredder
Amazon Basics Paper and Credit Card Shredder

This AmazonBasics paper and credit card shredder is the perfect way to protect your personal information. The cross-cut shredder turns paper into confetti-like pieces measuring 3/16 by 1-27/32 inches (5 by 47 mm), meeting security level P-3 standards.

It can shred up to 8 sheets of 20-pound bond paper at a time, as well as destroy credit cards (one at a time, through a dedicated slot), staples, or small paper clips. For your convenience, it has a 3-minute on / 30-minute off automatic shutoff timer. If the shredder runs continuously beyond the max run time, it will automatically shut off to protect the motor from overheating.

AmazonBasics brings you the Paper and Credit Card Shredder, designed to make your shredding needs easier than ever.

The 4-mode power switch (auto, off, reverse, forward) lets you customize your shredding experience, while the LED status indicator keeps you informed of when the machine is on and when it’s overheated. 8.7 inches of paper entry width means that this shredder can handle even large documents with ease, and the lift handle allows for easy removal of the shredded material from the machine.

Finally, the 4.1-gallon bin ensures that you won’t have to constantly empty out the shredder – letting you get on with your day worry-free.

  • Protect your personal information.nShreds up to 8 sheets of 20-pound bond paper at a time.nYou’ll be able to sleep better knowing that you’re protecting yourself and your loved ones from identity theft.nKeep yourself safe and secure.nKnow that your private information is protected.
  • Best for money

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Comparison Chart: Best Paper Shredders Under $100

Best Paper Shredder Under $100

Top Feature


Amazon Basics Paper Office Shredder



Aurora AU1230XA Anti-Jam Paper Shredder

Controls heavy-duty work


Powershred 12C15 Paper Shredder

Safe and secure


Aurora AU1220XA Paper Card Shredder

Tough and durable


Amazon Basics Paper Card Shredder

Elegant design


Best Paper Shredders Under $100

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Paper Shredder Under $100?

When looking for the best paper shredder under $100, it’s important to consider these factors carefully to make your purchase satisfactory and end up having exceptional experience with what you get:

Type of Shredder:

Cross Cut or Strip Cut?

This is a very important consideration since cross-cut shredders effectively get rid of documents and credit cards, while strip-cut ones leave bits that can be reassembled to form the original document. Thus, if confidentiality is your priority, then go for the former; otherwise, you should consider the latter for bulkier shredding needs.

Manual or Automatic Feed?

If you’re looking for a basic and easy-to-use paper shredder, then go for the manual feed type; but if you want something that can take care of more sheets at once as well as be quicker, then an automatic feed is perfect.


How many sheets can you shred at a time? Normally, most paper shredders under $100 can handle up to ten or so pieces. This might not be enough if your needs are more demanding, in which case, do some research and find out what capacity is necessary for your particular scenario.

Safety Features:

SafeSense Technology: This is a very important safety feature since it automatically shuts off the shredder when hands touch the paper entry. Thus if you have children or pets who are always around while you’re working on your projects, this technology ensures that they won’t get hurt in case of mishaps.

Thermal Protection Sensor (TPS): Another important safety feature of paper shredders, this one prevents overheating by automatically shutting off the unit. Thus you can operate your machine worry-free, knowing that it will shut down if there’s a problem rather than causing damage to itself or other belongings on its way out.

Other Considerations:

CrossCut (Security Level P-III): This means that the shredder can handle paperclips, staples, and credit cards.

Bin Capacity: How much-shredded waste can it hold before needing to be emptied?

Noise Level: Consider how noisy the machine will be when in use – if you’re someone who’s easily disturbed, then look for a low noise level model.

Ease of Use: How easy is the machine to operate? Is it straightforward, or will you need some time to get used to it?

Warranty and Customer Service: Does the manufacturer offer a good warranty policy as well as excellent customer service?

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing the best paper shredder under $100, there are many things to consider. But by keeping the above factors in mind, you’ll surely find the perfect machine for your needs and be able to safely dispose of all your confidential documents without any worries.

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