Top 5 Sargent Art Colored Pencils Review 2023

Sargent Art Colored Pencils Review

In the world of colored pencils, Sargent Art holds a prominent place because of its fantastic quality and durability. You will love its wide range of colors that will help you in choosing your favorite color quickly. Their pencils are specially designed for beginners as they are perfect for practice purposes. Made with wax-based hardcore, these pencils are difficult to blend and live up for a much longer time.

All the products of Sargent Art are designed, keeping in view the customer’s needs and requirements. This exceptional brand is famous for its art industry and is always appreciated by its customers. Artists love this renowned brand because of their loyalty and support. You can notice extensive research and teamwork in all their coloring pencils products. We will have a look at some of them.

This brand has several different products, and choosing the best among them needs a lot of time. Don’t worry; we are here to help you! Have a look at the 5 best Sargent Art Colored Pencils Review.

In a harry!! Here is our top pick

Sargent Art Colored Pencils Review

Let’s have some detailed reviews of Sargent art colored pencils. Keep reading to know more!

1. Sargent Art Pencils

Sargent Art Premium Coloring Pencils, Pack of 50 Assorted Colors, 22-7251
Sargent Art Pencils

The Sargent Art coloring pencils are the favorite of the users because of their fantastic features. It comes in 50 unique colors and is perfect for illustrators and artists of all ages. It also has one extra black and extra white pencil, so altogether it makes 48 different colors. All the colors in it are subtle and vary in shades and effects.

With the coordinated color barrels, it matches each lead color perfectly, making it outstanding. The lead is thick, having a 3.3mm diameter; this allows you to color on your drawing image. It comes in a window box, which makes it easily accessible and portable. Take it anywhere you want.

  • Thick lead. n Comes in different colors. n Variety of shades. n Portable and lightweight.
  • Packaging needs improvement.

2. Sargent Art Count Assorted Colored Pencils

Sargent Art 22-7224 24-Count Assorted Colored Pencils
Sargent Art Count Assorted Colored Pencils

If you are fond of drawing and sketching then colored pencils are necessary for you. These pencils add fun and make your drawing more engaging. This pack of Sargent Art comes in beautiful packaging that you can also use to gift your friend or an artist. All the pencils have a length of 7”, and the lead is 3.3mm thick, which is good enough for coloring and drawing.

It has excellent color laydown, and the pencils are non-toxic, making it environmentally friendly for everyone. Each pack has penciled in 24 different colors, and they are pre-sharpened. You will love the fantastic blending, smooth touch, and it works incredibly on all types of papers. No matter how much you deepen the color, they don’t have any residual matter.

  • Excellent colors. nSoft and smooth. nNon-toxic. nComes pre-sharpened.
  • Not as good for thinner paper.

3. Sargent Art Premium Coloring Pencils

Sargent Art Premium Coloring Pencils
Sargent Art Premium Coloring Pencils

Another exceptional product of the Sargent Art brand is its premium coloring pencils. It comes in 52 unique colors; you can brighten up your drawing in your own way. Within these colors, there are 6 metallic colors that you will surely love to use. Whether you are a professional or doing art just for a hobby, these pencils will do wonders. The colors are nice and smooth, and the leads don’t break or chip off.

Each pencil has a standard size of 7 inches, and all of them are pre-sharpened. Just take them out of the box, and it is ready to use. The pack folds up quickly, and each side has 26 pencils. Folding the pack helps in storing the pencils perfectly. The best thing about these pencils is that it is safe and of course non-toxic. Without spending much amount, you will get fantastic quality at an affordable price.

  • Excellent and unique colors. n Convenient folding. n Easy for storing. n Pre-sharpened pencils. n Safe and toxic-free.
  • The packaging is a bit flimsy.

4. Sargent Art (SARAD) Metallic Colored Pencils

Sargent Art (SARAD) Metallic Colored Pencils, Assorted
Sargent Art (SARAD) Metallic Colored Pencils

If you are fond of metallic colors, then Sargent Art metallic colors will not disappoint you. These are thoughtfully constructed after putting in a lot of effort and research. From inception to packaging, everything is well designed and crafted according to the user’s demand. These pencils meet every artist’s demand and are designed for drawing, coloring, and crafting.

The SARAD comes in a pack having 12 different metallic colors, and these all are super shimmery. Unlike traditional colors, they have a specific shine in them that helps in making them innovative. All the pencils have a standard size, 7 inches, and are pre-sharpened. The lead used in it is smooth and sturdy; it will not break easily.

  • Shimmering metallic colors. n Great for illustrating. n Have all artistic qualities. n Non-toxic.
  • Not user-friendly.

5. Sargent Art 120 Piece Assortment Colored Pencils

 Sargent Art 120 Piece Assortment Colored Pencils (22-7252)
Sargent Art 120 Piece Assortment Colored Pencils

As we have discussed earlier that Sargent Art companies hold a prominent place in the artist world. So here is another Sargent art colored pencils review that will help you in your selection. These pencils add tremendous value in the classroom, office, and art corner.

This pack contains 120 colored pencils and has 56 unique colors. All these colors have fantastic vibrancy. The colors also include gold and silver which are rarely present in a coloring pack. Many colors are multiples; this helps in using one color by more than one person. The 7-inch long pencil can stay with you for a long time. All the pencils sharpen well, and the lead doesn’t break easily.

  • Sharpens easily. n Safe and smooth. n It adds a great value. n Perfect for drawing.
  • The packaging is not easy.

What Makes Sargent Art Colored Pencils Good?

Design Features

The packing of these pencils is incredible; the box speaks everything itself. On the front side, the quantity of pencils is written in three languages, making it easy to read for everyone. The design is user-friendly, and on the pack, you will also find some advantages written. It comes in more than 50 unique shades, which makes it a favorite of everyone.

Another critical aspect of the design is that it comes in a portable design allowing it to carry anywhere you want.

Drawing Quality

The drawing quality of Sargent Art pencils is good enough, but it is more appropriate for beginners. If you are a professional, you may feel a difference in quality between this pencil and a professional drawing pen. Ideally, this is a good option for practice and coloring books. Drawing quality matters a lot in the selection of coloring pencils.


Sargent Art colored pencils have excellent quality, and the lead is sturdy enough to break after a drop. These pencils come pre-sharpened and are made of premium quality wood. It has a round shape, and the lead is relatively thick, making it perfect for coloring. Although it has many colors, the only problem is that some leads have color inclusions.

Soft and non-toxic

These pencils are soft and work effortlessly on every paper quality. Construction of the pencil is done through non-toxic, making it environmentally friendly. A safe pencil will not also cause any allergic reactions.


The price of these pencils varies among different sellers and packages. Overall the price is relatively affordable and is perfect to buy even on a limited budget. You will not get this much good quality product at such a low price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Sargent colored pencils Good?

Yes, these pencils are good enough to buy for coloring. They are smooth and perfect for coloring. They come in different and unique colors which are not available in other brands.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAlthough they are great for drawing the Sargent Art pencils also have some issues. These pencils are not suitable for professional coloring, and you might notice that the color application is also a bit weak in this.

Can I use a Sargent pencil for coloring and drawing?

These pencils work incredibly best for coloring and are also suitable for u003ca href=u0022 You can use them for any artistic purpose.

Is it suitable for professionals or beginners?

They work best for beginners and for practice. It does not work as well for professionals, so you can opt for some other option.

Which product of Sargent Art is best?

All the products of this brand are reasonable; you should choose the one that matches your need the most.

Final Verdict- Sargent Art Colored Pencils Review

We have shared a detailed review of various Sargent Art Colored Pencils; hopefully, you have a clearer idea after reading this. Out of our top picks, choose a product, and this will surely help you a lot in your artwork. This brand is an ideal choice for coloring pencils for beginners. Give this as a gift to your kids or friends, and make them happy with this artistic gift.

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