The Fine Touch Colored Pencils Review 2023

The Fine Touch Colored Pencils Review

Sometimes beginners look for the cheapest pencils to give them a good start without investing more money. Still, they are looking for the best colored pencils that can deliver the same quality and performance as expensive colored pencils. In that case, we introduce The Fine Touch Colored Pencils that are cheap yet outstanding in performance and brilliant in colors.

The Fine Touch Colored Pencils are made in Vietnam and sold on HobbyLooby all over the USA with the fastest possible delivery. These are the cheapest yet excellent colored pencils that you can consider buying for yourself. Moreover, these pencils can be the best choice for your kid’s school project because they deliver rich colors while glowing the entire art project. The pencils are wax-based, not oil-based that makes them more attractive for artists who prefer wax-based colored pencils.

The Fine Touch Colored Pencils
The Fine Touch Colored Pencils

Key Features Of The Fine Touch Colored Pencils

Before buying any colored features, you should know about their key features. These features give you an idea of what you will be getting on the other hand of spending money. Moreover, you have the idea if they will suit your work nature or not. Go through the whole article till the end, and you will be able to decide if you should go for these colored pencils or not. We have compiled the review after testing the fine touch colored pencils and came up with these words.


The pencils are 48 in the count and come in nice adorable packaging that is attractive enough to carry with you at your work or school. Further, you can consider them as a great gift for your kid, friend, or colleague. The packaging is simple and hard enough to keep the pencils secure in it. The pencils in the box are already organized according to their varying shades. Its price is clearly mentioned at the top of the box to avoid any fraud. In addition, there are some details that you need to know about these: the fine touch colored pencils are also mentioned on the back.

Pencils Count

The box contains 48 colored pencils in it that is enough for any major project. Their number of pencils has recently been increased from 24 to 48 on customers call. They loved these colored pencils but were facing trouble with some missing colors needed for their big projects. So, they took it seriously and added more pencils, making them double in the count. 48 colored pencils are enough for professionals as well as beginners to make artworks in many shades.

The Fine Touch Colored Pencils


These colored pencils are made in Vietnam, and the craftsmen have put all their efforts into making them the best colored pencils at a lower cost. Still, they managed to provide brilliant colored pencils that provide nice blending and have nice erase ability. That is the main reason why they are imported all the way from Vietnam and sold all over the USA at the lowest possible price.

Moreover, the pencils are made of recycled wood that makes the manufacturing process environmentally friendly. The lead used inside the barrel is strong enough to avoid repeatedly breaking after use. They offer great sharpening without breaking and lasts for comparatively more time. Overall, the users are satisfied with the quality material used in their construction.


The fine touch colored pencils are relatively attractive and look like other regular colored pencils. There is a brand name mentioned on each pencil in a very beautiful design. Their length is similar to other traditional colored pencils and is round in shape. The round shape makes a better grip on fingers. Many artists prefer round shapes instead of hexagonal or triangular; that’s why the manufacturers made them that way.

Moreover, there are no numbers mentioned on them. Some users find it annoying to check the number every time they have to use it. That’s why the pencils are wrapped in their own color for your convenience to easily recognize without checking numbers. Some customers find it not cool, but most of them find it easy to trace the color instead of checking annoying numbers that consume more time.


If you are looking for low-end, inexpensive studio-grade type colored pencils, fine touch colored pencils can be the best choice. These pencils deliver extraordinary functionality to your project. The kids love them using it for their school projects while making rich color artwork. These pencils offer great blending and excellent erasability. The pencils are already sharpened and do not break on every sharpening because of their strong barrel and lead.

Moreover, these 48 colored pencils of many shades can bring a vibrant flair to any art project. These pencils are pre-sharpened to use right away after opening the box. It does not matter if you are a kid or an adult; these colored pencils are perfect for detailed designs or coloring pages. Because they are non-toxic, you can consider buying them for your kids for 5 or older. Overall, these colored pencils deliver what artwork actually needs in doing great art projects.


You will never want to buy colored pencils every month as they cost money. So, the manufacturer has built these colored pencils to last more than you expect. These pencils do not break, and neither do they break while sharpening. That’s why they last comparatively longer. Moreover, they consume less lead while blending or using them in making sketches. Overall, the pencils are built to increase the durability that does come in handy on your wallet.

Erasability and Sharpening

It is important for the colored pencils to easily get erased without ruining the page or entire project. Otherwise, you will make mistakes and could not erase them, which is the most annoying thing for any artist. So, the fine touch colored pencils are designed to offer great erasability, and their written lines are easily erased using any regular eraser.

Moreover, it annoys you so much to sharpen the pencil when you are in the full rhythm of doing art projects. It distracts you and ruins the entire project that you will not accept in any case. For these reasons, the manufacturer has made the lead and the barrel strong enough to withstand repeatedly breaking and preventing early sharpening. It means these colored pencils deliver outstanding erasability and sharpening for your convenience to enhance your productivity.


Buying sharp colored pencils that deliver everything other colored pencils are providing but at a comparatively lower price is tricky. But with these colored pencils, it is possible and super easy. The pencils are nearly around $10 that costs $0.48 on each pencil. You cannot get cheaper yet exceptional colored pencils at these prices. So, we can conclude, these colored pencils are budget-friendly and offer everything that other regular colored pencils provide in the same category.

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Why Choose The Fine Touch Colored Pencils?

If you are looking for the cheapest colored pencils that provide rich, vibrantly pigmented colors, along with thick, robust leads to resist cracking and chipping. There is no perfect choice other than these fine touch colored pencils that are worth buying. These pencils not only deliver terrific blending but cost relatively less money. You can make your art projects more colorful using these pencils.

Great for Projects at Home and at School

Colored pencils are an essential tool that helps in doing colorful, radiant projects at home and school. These color pencils are ideal for creating and coloring maps, making signs and labels, and completing art or science projects. Besides being perfect for kids, these colored pencils are highly recommended for professionals because of the many shades available in 48 count packs. The pencils offer smooth lay down and better control because of their thick and soft points. The possibility of breaking under applied high pressure is also minimum, so they could last longer.

Perfect for Coloring Books

The fine touch colored pencils offer you enjoy hours of calming and creative fun as an adult with a set of adult coloring book pencils. They help you fill in every detail with precisely the right color. You can bring your illustration together with these 48 crips colors to choose from. You will be getting effortless coloring with vivid, lasting pigments that never get lost on the page. Their strong cores are designed to withstand crumbling when sharpened to a precision point.

Artist Quality Colored Pencils

These colored pencils provide crisp edges, defined lines, and intricate details that are necessary for making a perfect sketch. The pencils offer pigments of matchless quality and richness while preventing crumbling, making them the artist’s choice for details and lettering. They are lightweight that every artist finds comfortable while making different artworks. Overall, these highly saturated pigments are the artist’s choice that helps them in making brilliant arts.

Buyers Reviews

The customer finds them attractive first because of their incredibly lower prices and then the brilliant artwork they provide at the same price. Most reviews explain how these fine touch colored pencils have met their work needs and satisfied them. Their good feedback does not restrict to these qualities only. Some users find its design perfect because the barrel fits perfectly in the small hands of kids and the giant hands of adults.

Moreover, we can see their posted brilliant, vibrant, colorful artworks on the different platforms they made using these colored pencils. Some customers find trouble because they are used to pencils with numbers on them. On the other hand, there are customers who find it more convenient to use because the pencil’s color on the entire barrel helps in color recognition. Overall, nearly all the customers are satisfied with the quality and the price.

The Fine Touch Colored Pencils
  • Rich Colors n Nice Blending n Affordable n Durable n Better Erasability
  • Numbers not Mentioned

Are the Fine Touch Colored Pencils worth buying?

If you are at the start and have a tight budget yet want brilliant colored pencils, these pencils are worth buying. They are available at the lowest possible price and deliver everything you need or your kid needs for school projects. Moreover, they do not break easily while sharpening or under high pressure during blending. The 48 colors of different shades are enough to make sketches and to blend colorful projects.

What color pencils are best for school kids?

The fine touch colored pencils are the best choice for your kids. The 48 colors collection will make your kid’s school project colorful and vibrant. These pencils will not break soon while delivering quality work on black and white paper of any nature. The kids put a lot of pressure while coloring different sketches; that’s why these pencils are equipped with powerful barrels and leads that can withstand the high pressure. These qualities make them perfect for school kids.

What are the cheapest colored pencils?

The fine touch colored pencils are one of the cheapest colored pencils. They cost nearly $10, including the tax or shipping cost, which is mostly free. So, in 10 bucks, you will end up with brilliant colored pencils that usually last longer than other regular colored pencils. This way, you will be saving money besides already spending less money. In the end, you can save a lot of money by purchasing these colored pencils.

Is The Fine Touch or Faber Castell better?

Both brands provide brilliant quality colored pencils that meet the user’s requirements perfectly. But The Fine Touch dominates Faber Castell in terms of price because they offer the lowest possible price with the same quality. So, in the end, we can conclude The Fine Touch is better than Faber Castell and worth buying. Still, if you want to spend more money anyway, you can go for Faber Castell.


Be smart and buy something more productive at a lower cost, and this is possible by purchasing fine touch colored pencils. Give a try to your art by spending less money at the start, and if you grow later, you can increase the budget as well. 48 colors with different shades are enough for any beginner to start blending and sketching while using colors of different shades. These colored pencils might not be well-known but dominate their competitors in quality and price.

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