6 Best Pencils for Preschoolers Review 2023

A pencil might be the first thing your kid will hold when going through the learning stage. So, it has to be perfect and suitable for their tiny hands to fit in and offer everything little hands seek. That’s why having the best pencils for preschoolers is necessary as they are made or designed while focusing on toddlers’ requirements and especially their little hands. Also, the pencils must meet PMA safety standards as most kids chew these pencils a lot while writing or drawing.

Moreover, the leads or graphite needs to be soft to write but hard enough to withstand the pressure that most kids exert when writing anything. If they come with an equipped eraser and sharpener, it would be very helpful because you won’t have to buy a new one. Getting attractive or colorful pencils is also important because it’s a kid’s choice who loves colorful, attractive things. We have compiled a detailed review of the six best pencils for preschoolers based on customers’ reviews, pencils’ performance, and quality to ensure you end up with the best ones.

Top Pick

My First Ticonderoga Primary Pencils

My First Ticonderoga Primary Pencils

My First Ticonderoga Primary Pencils are selected as our top pick because they are offered by Ticonderoga, a brand that has been offering great quality pencils for preschoolers, kindergarten, and other kids for years. Second, these best pencils for preschoolers are made using premium quality material that is PMA certified non-toxic for your kid’s safety. No other brand has kept safety as a priority like Ticonderoga, and this was the major reason to choose it as our top pick. They might be less in number, but the price is also relatively low, and the quality is outstanding. The box contains pre-sharpened pencils for your convenience and two bonus sharpeners as well. The attached eraser is latex-free and provides easy and clean corrections. All these reasons convinced us to go for these quality pencils as our top pick.

01. Ticonderoga Beginner Pencils

Ticonderoga Beginner Pencils

Dixon Ticonderoga is one of America’s oldest corporations and is rooted in innovation and continues to embody the attentive spirit of America. The brand is well known for making quality stationery tools for kids and experts for years. Ticonderoga Beginner Pencils are one of their featured products and come in three different sizes as per the students’ needs. Even little students with tiny hands who do not find it comfortable holding small pencils are offered extra-large pencils to make it easier for little hands to grip. Each pencil is assigned a different number that indicates the degree of hardness of the writing core. It means if the number is higher, the core will be harder, and the mark will be lighter. There’s an eraser attached on top of each pencil that helps the kids to erase their mistakes.

  • Enlarge Pencils nAvailable in Multiple Sizes nAttached with an Eraser nAttractive in Design nComfortable Holding
  • Regular Sharpness Needed to Avoid Breakage

02. Pencil Buddies Kids Pencils for Beginners

Pencil Buddies Kids Pencils for Beginners

Pencil Buddies Kids Pencils for Beginners are the best pencils for preschoolers as they are designed to be easily held by small hands. Preschoolers and kindergarten students need to learn the right way to hold the pencils, and that’s why these are designed in a triangular shape to fit perfectly in tiny hands. Their length is perfect and long enough to reduce fatigue by offering balanced weight and ideal length, which is easy to hold and does not cause trouble while writing or drawing. Pencils Buddies really cared about kids and knew how they put too much pressure while writing, and that’s why they came up with the pencils that feature thick graphite cores that can withstand heavy pressure. Last, each pack comes with eight pencils and a sharpener, so you won’t have to buy a new one, and it sharpens the pencil with quick precision. The pencils are lightweight and eco-friendly, which makes them easier to run smoothly on any paper.

  • Ideal Beginner PencilsnPerfect LengthnStrong Graphite CorenComes with a SharpenernLightweight and Balanced
  • Size Needs to be Enlarge

03. STEAMFLO Kids Pencils for Preschoolers

STEAMFLO Kids Pencils for Preschoolers

STEAMFLO Kids Pencils for Preschoolers are designed as per the experts’ recommendation, having short and fat triangular pencils with soft graphite, which helps the toddlers and preschoolers in learning proper pencil grip. The primary purpose of these best pencils for preschoolers is to teach kids how to write on different kinds of papers. When it comes to accomplished writers, the pencils are comfortable to use because of their easy-to-grip barrel and long length. Their core is relatively 50% thicker than regular pencils and reduces breakage. These pencils are equipped with 6B Graphite, which is softer than regular pencil graphite to produce smooth lines on any page. Also, the pencil is easy to write and doesn’t require more pressure for fatigue-free and comfortable writing.

  • Perfect for LearningnFat Triangular GripnSofter and Thicker GraphitenPerfect LengthnPremium Natural Red Wood
  • Relatively Expensive

04. Emraw Pre Sharpened Triangular Pencils for Preschoolers

Emraw Pre Sharpened Triangular Pencils for Preschoolers

Emraw Pre Sharpened Triangular Pencils for Preschoolers pack contains six pre-sharpened pencils and has erasers on top of everyone with two sharpeners as well to complete everything you kid need. When it comes to the pencil design, these are crafted while keeping the little kids’ tiny hands in focus so that they can fit perfectly. Their barrel is round in shape, which is super comfortable to handle as it makes a firm grip and is perfect for beginner writers. The pencils are made using high-quality wood, which helps easy and clean sharpening, has break-resistant graphite lead, and produces dark, long-lasting, consistent, readable strokes. Since the pencils are designed for preschoolers, these are made using easy to erase lead as they make a lot of mistakes. Also, the attached eraser is effective in erasing the lines without affecting the page quality.

  • Superior Natural Grip and FeelnEasily ErasablenVersatile Wide ApplicationnClassic Yellow BarrelnContains More Pencils
  • Sharpeners aren’t of good quality.

05. Lyra Ferby Short Children Kindergarten Pencils

Lyra Ferby Short Children Kindergarten Pencils

Lyra Ferby, Short Children Kindergarten Pencils Kit, contains beautifully designed six long pencils that are super easy to use by kids. Their fat pencil grip is constructed for kids, and Jumbo pencil grip is for preschoolers. These are the best pencils for preschoolers that help create soft, expressive sketches and to shade large areas. Their design is kept triangular to make a firm grip in the tiny hands of kids. If we look at their manufacturing, we see they are made using premium quality wood, and graphite is thick enough to offer smooth and soft writing.

  • Offers Firm GripnTriangular Shape for EASY HoldingnSuitable for PreschoolersnMaed Using Natural WoodnIdeal for Smaller Hands
  • The Length is Relatively Short.

06. My First Ticonderoga Primary Pencils

My First Ticonderoga Primary Pencils

My First Ticonderoga Primary Pencils are made using top-quality material and come with a latex-free erase that provides easy and clean corrections. When it comes to safety for kids, the company ensures to make these pencils PMA certified non-toxic, so they won’t hurt even if your kids try to chew them. They all come pre-sharpened to save your kids time and effort and also come with a sharpener that helps easy sharpening without breaking the lead. The pencils feature an exclusive formula that provides extra smooth performance on any paper. These are made large in size to fit perfectly in preschoolers’ hands and have balanced weight to avoid fatigue while writing or drawing on different types of papers.

  • Large Size DiameternIdeal for ChildrennPre-SharpenednTop QualitynPMA Certified
  • Fewer in Number

Comparison Chart For Best Pencils for Preschoolers

Image Best Pencils for Preschoolers Top Features Ratings Price
Amazon.com-_-Tic Ticonderoga Beginner Pencils Attractive in Design 4.8 Check Price
Amazon.com-_-Kid Pencil Buddies Kids Pencils for Beginners Lightweight and Balanced 4.6 Check Price
Amazon.com-_-Kid-1 STEAMFLO Kids Pencils for Preschoolers Softer and Thicker Graphite 4.5 Check Price
Amazon.com-_-Emr Emraw Pre Sharpened Triangular Pencils for Preschoolers Versatile Wide Application 4.7 Check Price
Amazon.com-_-Lyr Lyra Ferby Short Children Kindergarten Pencils Triangular Shape for EASY Holding 4.7 Check Price
Amazon.com-_-My- My First Ticonderoga Primary Pencil PMA Certified 4.9 Check Price
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What to Consider Before Buying Best Pencils for Preschoolers?

When choosing the best pencils for preschoolers, you need to know many details because it’s not like purchasing ordinary pencils. You are dealing with a special case, and that’s why getting crucial information is necessary. We have made it easy for you by gathering all the details you need in a single place. Go through this guide, and you’ll know what’s required to end up with the best pencils for preschoolers.

  • Design

The pencils need to be designed as per the preschoolers, toddlers, and kindergarten kids’ requirements, which is slightly different because of their unique writing style. As we know, they put too much pressure while writing and can’t make proper grip on a regular pencil. That’s why a pencil with a triangular barrel can be easier to make a firm grip and help a lot.

  • Comfort

You have to consider the kid’s comfort as well because if their hands get tired due to inappropriate pencil design, they might not like the entire writing process. That’s why these pencils need to be lightweight, well balanced, long enough to fit easily and have a firm, grippy barrel.

  • Look

Kids love colorful, attractive things, so you need to provide them with such things in the form of pencils and notebooks so they can be more engaged in learning. The best pencils for preschoolers are made attractive and loved by kids as well. So, it’s another important factor that helps the kid in keeping engaged in learning activities.

  • Safety

Kids intentionally or unintentionally chew the pencils all the time, and most of them eat the graphite as it might be tasty for them. That’s why all the materials included in the pencils must be safe and non-toxic. Some pencils meet PMA safety standards, and others don’t so look for the one that is safe to use.

  • Graphite

Graphite is the heart of the pencils, and that’s why it has to perform well to ensure outstanding overall performance. We recommend thick and soft graphite must be equipped in the pencil as it provides smooth and soft writing, which doesn’t require more pressure to give dark lines.

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What are the best pencils for preschoolers?

u003ca href=u0022https://amzn.to/3jeUwAdu0022u003eMy First Ticonderoga Primary Pencilsu003c/au003e are the best pencils for preschoolers because they are made using premium quality material, easy to hold in tiny hands, come with all the necessary tools to start writing right away, and come at an affordable price. Besides, they look attractive and meet PMA standards for being non-toxic for your kids’ safety.

Should preschoolers use fat pencils?

Yes, using a fat pencil helps preschoolers a lot as they are super easy to hold and helps comfortable writing. Thin pencils might not be a good idea because they slip away when writing and aren’t the best match for kids’ hands.

What size pencils should preschoolers use?

Long size round No. 2 is the perfect size for preschoolers to use as it is long enough to balance the pencils’ weight on both ends and offer comfortable writing. Also, you have to sharpen the pencil as well, so long pencils will be more durable.

How do preschoolers correct pencil grips?

Using a small or fat pencil can help correct pencil grip because it requires less effort to hold fat pencils and perfectly grip the tiny hands. That’s why experts recommend only choosing the fat pencils for preschoolers and kindergarten kids.

Buyers Reviews

These pencils are already chosen based on customer reviews, which means they’ll be loved by the buyers, and kids must find them perfect for their tiny hands. We went through parents’ reviews and found out that they are satisfied with the built quality, the sizes are perfect for kids, and the design is suitable to make a firm grip in their hands. Yet, there were some issues with the packaging that needed to be improved.

Final Thoughts

Being a parent, you need to get a perfect pencil that would fit your kids’ tiny hands and offer everything they require for their age. We have made it easy for you by coming up with the list of best pencils for preschoolers. Still, you have to narrow down the list to one, so choose the one that you find suitable for your kids.

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