5 Best Mechanical Pencils for Kids 2023

Best Mechanical Pencils for Kids

If you are looking for the best mechanical pencils for kids that can perfectly fit their tiny hands, you are at the right place. We have compiled a detailed review of these pencils and chosen them after checking out customers’ reviews. So, they are manufactured by well-known brands and top-rated on different marketplace. It might be hard for you to choose the one that you find perfect. Once you go through this article, you will be able to select the one that perfectly matches your needs.

Top Pick

Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils

Paper Mate Handwriting Triangular Mechanical Pencil

All these reviewed mechanical pencils are perfect for kids. Still, if we narrowed them down to one as a top pick, we would go for Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils. The main reason is their lead’s thickness which is 1.3mm. It is comparatively more than any other mechanical pencil. The thicker lead would be, the better it is for break resistance. So, these mechanical pencils are strong enough to last longer and do not break soon.

Secondly, these pencils may be fewer in number but are more durable. So, these fewer mechanical pencils will last more than other pencils. Also, their ergonomic design makes a perfect grip on the fingers of little kids. That’s why they are highly recommended for school kids. These are the reasons that convinced us to choose them for the top pick.

1. Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils

Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils are considered the best mechanical pencils because of many reasons that will be discussed here. The box contains five pencils in the box that can last longer if your kid has to use them. These pencils are relatively economical and, by lasting longer, will be saving more money indirectly. The packaging is colorfully equipped with plastic covering around the pencils to protect them during rough use.

Moreover, the pencils are long and wide to fit comfortably in the small hands of kids. These pencils come in different bright colors that kids love to use. There is an eraser equipped on the top of every pencil. Besides, there are two pencils erasers and one separate big eraser that comes in the box, so you don’t have to buy them separately. The eraser on the top is for your convenience during instant erasing while writing.

Besides, there are 12 lead barrel refills that you will need in the future. So, it is a complete package that saves a lot of money. Its lead is 1.3mm wide that is strong enough to withstand hard pushes exerted by kids during writing. So, it will not break repeatedly and last comparatively longer. You can make the writing darker by pushing them harder while writing because it features a strong lead. Its barrel features a triangular shape for finger placement.

  • Designed for Kids nStrong Lead nDurable nComes with 12 Leads and 2 Erasers nErgonomic Shape
  • Suitable for Small Hands Only.

2. BIC Xtra-Strong Mechanical Pencils

BIC Xtra-Strong Mechanical Pencil

BIC has been providing quality products to customers which is innovative and features the latest design. Their Research and Development team put all efforts into providing what the customer needs. BIC Xtra-Strong Mechanical Pencils are some of the best mechanical pencils for kids. As the name indicates, these are some of the strongest mechanical pencils that withstand cracking and breaking.

Moreover, they are attractive colorful that every kid loves to have and use while writing. Besides, there are 24 pencils in the box that are enough for months. Its 0.9mm thick lead lasts longer and withstands strong pressure exerted by kids during writing. These are the number one selling pencils on Amazon with the highest ratings and an affordable price. Its break-resistant lead does not smudge easily.

Erasability is one of the important factors when it comes to mechanical pencils. These mechanical pencils are pretty good at easily erasing without damaging the page. The pencils provide smooth writing, making them perfect for students and standardized tests. The regular pencils need sharpening, which is an annoying process and increases the chances of lead breaking. But with these pencils, you don’t have to worry about sharpening.

  • Contains More Pencils nStrong Lead nPerfect for Kids nNo Need to Sharp nEconomical
  • Some customers find its lead too wide.

3. Zebra Cadoozles Mechanical Pencil

Zebra Cadoozles Mechanical Pencil

Zebra Cadoozles mechanical pencils feature 0.9mm lead that is strong to resist cracking and breaking that interrupts the writing process. The kids have a habit of writing with the pressure that can break the regular lead but not this one. Also, kids love pencils of different colors and designs, which makes them attractive to them. The company has focused on this factor and provided attractive, beautiful mechanical pencils.

Besides, its compact size is perfect for small hands, and the hexagonal barrel prevents rolling away or slipping in the hands. So, these pencils will make a firm grip even in small hands. Like other mechanical pencils, there is an eraser equipped at the end of each pencil for your convenience to erase the mistakes instantly. The best mechanical pencils for kids are designed to accommodate young writers of all ages.

Moreover, these pencils are great for classrooms, pencil boxes, backpacks, and gifts for your kids or friends. The pencils are refillable with the lead that comes extra in the box. There are 28 pencils in the box, which is a huge number offered by any mechanical pencils’ provider. So, it does not matter if they do not last long. Still, you will have many pencils to use. Its Woodland Critters series features four different fun fashions for girls and boys—Fox, Hedgehog, Owl, and Raccoon.

  • Beautiful Designs nMore Pencils in the Box nHexagonal Design for Firm Grip nPerfect for Kids nDurable
  • Eraser Quality Needs Improvements

4. TekWriter Jr 48ct Mechanical Pencils

TekWriter Jr 48ct: #2 Mechanical Pencils

If you are looking for more pencils to avoid buying hassle, again and again, try TekWriter Jr 48ct Mechanical Pencils. You can get these pencils by spending relatively more money and end up with 48 counts. These are enough to last for months, even if used by the kids who use them harder. If we look at the packaging, it is elegant enough to give anyone as a gift. They are equipped safely in plastic packaging to avoid breakage.

The pencils are equipped with 0.9mm thick lead, which is break and crack-resistant. The more thickness is for minimal breakage, making it useful for kids who exert more pressure while writing or drawing. Its lead is equipped in a fake wooden barrel to give a traditional look. These pencils are beautiful in look and available in six different colors which attract youngsters.

Besides, there are 96 leads included in the box for increased durability. There is an eraser equipped on its top that helps to correct mistakes instantly. Like wooden pencils, these pencils do not break easily at their center. They come pre-loaded, so you don’t have to sharpen them, which was the annoying part. Their length is large to make a good grip in the hands of kids. Overall, these are the best mechanical pencils for kids that are worth buying.

  • 48 Counts nThick Lead nSix Colors nEquipped with an Eraser nMinimal Breakage
  • Comparatively smaller than a regal pencil but perfect for little kids.

5. Zebra Funky Cadoozles Mechanical Pencils

Zebra Funky Cadoozles Mechanical Pencils

If you are looking for an average number of pencils at an economical price, try Zebra Funky Cadoozles Mechanical Pencils. These are made of wood but filled with a mechanical lead with a thickness of 0.7mm. That’s why these are perfect for school kids and colleges. Also, 12.8cm length is perfect for kids, which makes it comfortable to handle. They are refillable with the lead that comes extra in numbers, so you don’t have to buy a new one.

Moreover, like other the best mechanical pencils for kids, they have an eraser on their top that corresponds with the barrel color for quick erasing. The pack comes with 30 pencils in 5 different barrel colors, including Blue, Light Blue, Light Green, Orange, and Yellow. If we see their erasability, these are easily erasable with a regular eraser. The packaging is attractive enough to give someone as a gift.

Its ergonomic design makes perfect grip in small hands, making them the best mechanical pencils for kids. Your kids will have smooth writing on any page, and if pressure is applied, the darker color can be achieved. Like every other mechanical pencil, they come pre-loaded to avoid the annoying sharpening process. Each pencil is retractable and refillable with any 0.7mm lead.

  • Perfect for School Kids nPre-loaded nElongated Length n30 Counts nEconomical
  • Eraser Quality Needs Improvements

Comparison Chart: Best Mechanical Pencils for Kids

Mechanical Pencils for Kids

Top Feature


Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils

Strong Lead


BIC Xtra-Strong Mechanical Pencils

Contains More Pencils


Zebra Cadoozles Mechanical Pencil

Beautiful Designs


TekWriter Jr 48ct Mechanical Pencils

Minimal Breakage


Zebra Funky Cadoozles Mechanical Pencils



Best Mechanical Pencils for Kids

What to Consider Before Buying Mechanical Pencils for Kids?

Since you are looking for the best mechanical pencils for kids, there are few things that you have to consider. Otherwise, you may end up with the wrong pack of pencils, and your kids will not be happy with them. We have made it super easy for you by listing important factors that you must consider to end up with the most satisfying pack of mechanical pencils.

  • Barrel Length

Unlike other traditional pencils, these mechanical pencils must have a comparatively longer barrel. The longer the barrel will, the better it will grip on kids’ tiny hands. The longer barrel also means it will equip comparatively longer lead that will last longer. So, choose the one with the perfect barrel length having a firm grip.

  • Lead Thickness

You know kids push pencils harder while writing which may break the lead. So, its lead’s thickness should be wider than a regular wooden pencil. This way, they can withstand the pressure exerted by kids and resist cracking and breaking. Another important factor to consider is lead thickness.

  • Ease of Use

If you are looking for the best mechanical pencils for kids, they must be perfect for kids. The kids should feel comfortable in their tiny hands while writing or drawing. It includes both factors—longer barrel length and wider lead thickness. So, we can conclude the kids must be comfortable using these pencils.


What are the best mechanical pencils for kids?

All these reviewed mechanical pencils are perfect for kids. Still, if we narrowed them down to one, we would go for Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils. They have a wider lead that can withstand cracking and breaking for increased durability. Second, their length is comparatively longer that fits perfectly in the tiny hands of kids.

Are mechanical pencils worth buying?

If you have a kid and need pencils for them, don’t go for wooden pencils. There are many reasons for buying wooden pencils. The important reasons are regular breaking and sharpening. It may waste time and waste money. In that case, these mechanical pencils are worth buying for your kids.

Is 0.5mm or 0.7mm lead better?

Since you are buying mechanical pencils for kids, the wider lead will be more suitable. Wider lead withstands regular breaking and enhances durability. So, we would recommend 0.7mm lead will be better instead of 0.5mm. Otherwise, they may break repeatedly and will not last long.

Buyers Reviews

We have chosen these best mechanical pencils for kids after considering the customers’ reviews. They are highly rated by buyers because they had a great experience using them. Some buyers find them economical, and others are satisfied with the quality they deliver. Their kids are loving them because of the attractive design of these pencils.


If spending some money can increase the productivity and creativity of your kids, then they are worth spending. As parents, you know what is suitable for your kids, and the experts prefer mechanical pencils for kids instead of regular wooden pencils. You should go for the one that meets your requirements besides being economical.

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