5 Best Colored Lead for Mechanical Pencils (2023)

Best Colored Lead for Mechanical Pencils
Best Colored Lead for Mechanical Pencils

The mechanical pencils are all about the perfect lead they equipped in their barrel. You can say lead is the soul of any mechanical pencil. What defines a mechanical pencil is its lead because the quality delivered on the page is entirely dependent on the lead. So, it is important to choose the lead wisely for productive results on the page.

That’s why we have compiled a detailed review of the five best colored lead for mechanical pencils for your convenience to pick the one that you find perfect. Once you go through the article, you will be able to decide which colored lead to choosing for your artwork. Keep in mind, that our recommendations are entirely based on the customer’s feedback about these leads and their performance.

In a harry!! Here are our top 8 pick

Top Pick

Pentel Arts 8 Colour Refill Lead

Pentel Arts 8 Colour Refill Lead

If we choose the best of the bests, Pentel Arts 8 Colour Refill Lead will be our best choice. There is more than one reason to select it as our top pick. First, 2.0mm thickness is the maximum width offered by any lead. It means there will be more durability and smoothness while giving luxurious writing. Second, offering eight different color leads at an affordable price is quite an appreciating move.

1. Pilot Color Eno Neox Mechanical Pencil Lead

Pilot Color Eno Neox Mechanical Pencil Lead
Pilot Color Eno Neox Mechanical Pencil Lead

Pilot Color Eno Neox Mechanical Pencil Lead is one of the best colored leads for mechanical pencils that comes in eight different colors while giving the customers a wide range of color choices. Pilot Color is a well-known brand famous for providing quality stationery products for artists, professional designers, and school kids. It is one of their featured products that deliver quality and many colors to make your projects and homework look colorful.

Moreover, its 0.7mm wide lead is perfect for writing, sketching, and homework projects. It features luxurious yet smooth writing because of more thickness offered by these wide leads. Also, they are super resistant to break and crack for increased durability. So, you will be getting a cost-efficient lead on the other hand. These are best-selling leads on different marketplaces with top ratings because the customers are satisfied with their quality and performance.

  • More Thickness nMore Color Choice nSmooth Writing nPerfect for Sketching nComparatively Durable
  • Not Suitable for Math Equations

2. Pentel Ain Stein Mechanical Pencil Lead

Pentel Ain Stein Mechanical Pencil Lead
Pentel Ain Stein Mechanical Pencil Lead

Pentel Ain Stein Mechanical Pencil Lead is the best colored lead for mechanical pencils if you go only with one black color. Many artists use only one, and that is the black color for their artwork. They find it enjoyable to use a single color to draw sketches. So, if you are one of those professional artists and don’t like more colors in your project, go for these leads.

Moreover, the thickness is 0.5mm, which is thin enough to use for compact math equations, writing, and drawing. We don’t find them perfect for animations, yet you can give them a try and can achieve different results with your skills. There are 40 leads in the box, making them one of the cheapest leads. These leads will last longer not because of their size but the number, which is enormous.

  • Perfect for Math Equations n Suitable for Single Color Art n Perfect for Sketching n Provides Detailed Drawings n More in Number
  • Not Suitable for Animations

3. Pentel Arts 8 Colour Refill Lead

Pentel Arts 8 Colour Refill Lead
Pentel Arts 8 Colour Refill Lead

Pentel Arts 8 Colour Refill Lead is perfect for highlighting and underlining linen fiber and high cotton. Besides, you can highlight lightweight papers such as religious books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc. In addition, its bright colors are great for sketching and designing. Other than these quality features, there are eight leads of different colors, making them the best colored lead for mechanical pencils offering a wide range of color choices.

Moreover, 2.0mm lead diameter produces extra-bold lines of consistent density, making it perfect for designing, sketching, and drawing. It is the wider lead offered by any brand that makes it more durable, smoother to write, and perfect for achieving dark colors. You cannot find more break and cack resisting lead than this. So, we highly recommend these leads for your artwork because it delivers all the features in a single piece and is highly appreciated by the buyers as well.

  • More Thickness nMore Smoothness nMore Longevity nMore Colors Choice nBetter Break Resistance
  • Not Perfect for Detailed Art

4. Uni Mechanical Pencil Lead

Uni Mechanical Pencil
Uni Mechanical Pencil Lead

If you are looking for a lead with great erasability, we highly recommend Uni Mechanical Pencil Lead. You can easily eraser the drawn lines by this lead using an ordinary eraser without damaging the paper quality or ruining your art. It comes 60 in count that is the highest number offered by any brand. The more number increases durability by increasing the leads in a single pack.

Also, its thickness is 0.7mm, which is wide enough to resist continuous breaking and cracking. Moreover, the animations, designing, and sketching can be made great using these thick leads. It is relatively smooth in use on paper, giving you softness during writing. It comes in blue color only, which is acceptable for the professionals who use single color only in their artwork.

  • More Counts nBetter Thickness nBreak Resistance nSmooth Writing nSuitable for Designing
  • Only Blue Color

5. S & E TEACHER’S Colored Lead

S & E TEACHER'S EDITION 120Pcs Colored Lead Refill
S & E TEACHER’S Colored Lead

If you want easy blending, shading, and shadows using smooth and rich cores, try S & E TEACHER’S Colored Lead. These are the most underrated leads that come in the list of the best colored leads for mechanical pencils. Each lead is 2.0mm wide, making it perfect for sketching and design while giving smooth and luxurious writing.

Moreover, the lead is 90mm tall, pre-sharpened, smudge, and break-resistant. Its length also increases the durability factory by lasting comparatively longer. Keep in mind, they come in one color only, yet there are many colors available at an affordable price. The company accepts its return if you are not satisfied with the quality or find any manufacturing fault. You can replace the leads and also get a full refund.

  • Smooth and Rich Cores nTaller Lead nWider Lead nAffordable Price nFull Refund Offered nProvides Easy Blending and Shading
  • Provides One Color at a Time

What to Consider Before Buying Colored Leads?

Doing good research before buying any product always ends up with the best item that helps you besides being satisfied with the performance and functionality. This is why it is important to know more about colored leads for mechanical pencils to end up with the ones that can match your work’s nature. We have compiled a buying guide here to help you out with choosing the one that can satisfy you with its features and qualities. We have listed some factors that are necessary to look into colored leads. Take a look at these things and look for them in the lead you are considering.

Lead Quality

Leads are generally mixed with more than one component, which is graphite and clay mainly. These two materials play a vital role in modifying the quality delivered on the page while doing any artwork project. It means the drawn lines may look different in both cases if the ratio of graphite and clay varies.

If there is more graphite in the lead, the result will be smoother, darker, and softer lines on the page. Conversely, if the clay ratio is comparatively more in the lead, the lines will be lighter, toothier, and harder. After knowing these two different results, you have to decide which one is suitable for your work nature. So choose accordingly and make your project look great.

Lead Size

Besides the ratio of graphite and clay, the lead size also plays an important role in changing the quality of drawn lines. The size matters both in the way of length and thickness. If you have a mechanical pencil and are only looking for the lead, then choose the one that fits your pencil size. In this case, you don’t have to go into minor details.

Otherwise, you want to buy a new lead equipped with any mechanical pencil, there are few things to consider. Keep in mind, if the thickness of lead varies, the results change on a wide range. Like, if the lead is thicker, the drawn lines will be smooth and dark. Besides, the break-resistance will be enhanced. Similarly, the other way may result in lighter and toothier lines on the page besides less break resistance.


The leads with more durability are cost-efficient by lasting longer and increasing the period of buying new leads. Mostly, the thicker leads last comparatively longer because they resist sudden breaking and cracking, which are the only cause of less durability. Also, these leads are comparatively spent less while making artworks. So, if you are into durable leads, consider more thickness, and you will be worried free about buying new leads.


We have tested each best colored lead for mechanical pencils review above and found great erasability in all of them. We tested them on ordinary paper, and all of them were easily erased without any hassle. Some of them took effort, but in the end, the drawn lines were erased without damaging the paper quality or ruining the art. So, this is another important factor you have to consider.


If you want smooth writing or drawing on any regular paper, consider buying a lead with more thickness. Also, it depends on your work needs because the smooth lead is suitable for drawing, writing, and sketching. It makes the entire process luxurious if you have a relatively smoother lead. If you need it for homework like math equations, we recommend buying fewer smooth leads for productive results. So, consider these factors before buying the best colored lead for mechanical pencils.


Are colored leads for mechanical pencils worth buying?

If you are in the sketching, drawing, or animating profession and looking for the best tools to make your work more productive and money-making. These colored leads are worth buying because they deliver quality on any page using your professional skills to achieve great results. Also, you don’t have to change the entire mechanical pencils that lose the purpose of being mechanical. Only change the leads and replace the old ones with the best colored lead for mechanical pencils.

Which one is the best colored lead for mechanical pencils?

Pentel Arts 8 Colour Refill Lead is the best among all because it offers eight different colors, which are brilliant in quality. These brightly colored leads are perfect for designing and sketching. You can use them for highlighting during reading books. It can help you with important notes on the books besides other functions.

Which colored lead is best for sketching and bold writing?

The lead with a wider size will be perfect for bold writing and sketching while offering luxurious smooth writing. Consider buying the one with a width of more than 0.9mm for great results. This lead will perfectly meet your requirements besides lasting longer and being cost-efficient.

Which lead is perfect for detailed drawings and compact math equations?

The thinner lead will be suitable for detailed drawing and compact math equations. Its thin size will help you to go into details more specifically by touching the edges. Also, it will be helpful to write math equations that are better written with thinner edge pencils. So, go for the lead with a size of 0.2mm in width for outstanding results.

Buyers Reviews For Best Colored Lead for Mechanical Pencils

The recommendations and suggestions of these reviewed the best colored leaf for mechanical pencils are entirely based on performance and functionality. Also, how the customers find them using these leads in their artwork and projects. The buyers loved them because of the performance and quality these leads delivered. They found them the most economical yet best leads for their artworks. These reasons convinced us to go for these colored leads.


You don’t have to buy the entire mechanical pencil just because there are no leads left. The main reason for buying mechanical pencils is their refilling abilities with new leads. So, purchase the leads instead and make your projects go. Choose the one that matches your work requirements and pencil size. Go for any of the above reviewed best colored lead for mechanical pencils. You will find them satisfactory because of their quality. We recommend buying the one that you find relevant for your art.