5 Best Erasable Colored Pencils Of 2021

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Are you a beginner and make many mistakes while sketching, coloring, or blending and looking for erasable colored pencils that can easily be erased without damaging the paper or ruining the entire artwork? You are at the right place as we have compiled a detailed review and came up with the five best erasable colored pencils. These colored pencils are chosen after thoroughly testing them and checking out the reviews of customers who had an outstanding experience with them.

Best Erasable Colored Pencils
Best Erasable Colored Pencils
Top Pick

Prismacolor Col-Erase Erasable Colored Pencil

Prismacolor Col-Erase Erasable Colored Pencil

Since you are looking for the best erasable colored pencils, then you must end up with a pack of pencils that can be easily erased. These are the ones that are relatively easily erasable among all of them. Besides easy erasing, these colored pencils deliver rich colors to enhance your artwork in many ways. Its strong medium point resists cracking and breaking, making them the best of the bests. Most colored pencils pack only 12 pencils, but these come 24 in number that gives them additional points. That’s why we have narrowed them down to one as a top pick.

1. Crayola Erasable Colored Pencils

Crayola Erasable Colored Pencils

Crayola offers one of the best erasable colored pencils when it comes to creativity tools for school kids and adults. These colored pencils are easily erasable to correct your mistakes that are necessary for creative work. The kids make mistakes while doing colorful projects, and there must be something effective to correct those mistakes. In that case, these colored pencils efficiently do their job.

Crayola erasable colored pencils are only available on Amazon, and everyone loves them because of the quality work they deliver. They have taken an excellent step to bring colored pencils of 12 colors that further lead to 50 different shades. The box includes 50 colored pencils that are enough for any newbie or expert to produce delightful drawings, sketch, or blend.

Moreover, these best erasable colored pencils come pre-sharpened, making them convenient for you to use right after unboxing. Its written colors or lines are easily erasable without damaging the page or entire project. The teachers highly appreciate them because of the quality they deliver and enhance the beauty of artworks. They are durable because the barrel consists of strong lead that lasts longer and does not repeatedly break during sharpening.

  • Expanded Colored Pencils
  • Easily Erasable
  • Offers More Colors
  • Delivers Quality
  • Durable
  • The packaging needs improvements.

2. Prismacolor Col-Erase Erasable Colored Pencil

Prismacolor Col-Erase Erasable Colored Pencil,

Prismacolor has been manufacturing quality art products for more than 75 years. It is one of their featured products that is designed to meet the requirements of beginners and experts in making colorful artworks. The box includes 24 counts that are enough to make vivid paintings, designs, sketches, and blendings. These best erasable colored pencils are ideal for adult coloring projects.

Moreover, the work written by these adorable and outstanding pencils is easily erasable. It does not damage the page quality either. It features premium pigment for smooth writing and delivers rich colors that enhance the beauty of any art. Its medium point resists breaking and cracking for increased durability to last longer than you expect. You can use them to blend adult coloring projects, take notes, and any other project that needs rich colors.

The packaging is sturdy enough to protect the pencils during shipping and after using them for your regular work. Further, the ergonomic barrel makes perfect grip in fingers, so you can have a better hold of the pencil to deliver better work. The pencils are perfect for animating and illustrating besides other coloring arts. Overall, these are some of the best erasable colored pencils that are highly recommended by professionals.

  • Vivid Colors
  • Easily Erasable
  • Strong Medium Point
  • Perfect for Illustrating and Animating
  • Includes 24 Colors of different Shades
  • Needs Sharpening

3. Sargent Art 22-7203 Assorted Erasable Colored Pencils

Sargent Art 22-7203 Assorted Erasable Colored Pencils

Sergeant Art has been serving professional, expert, and beginner artists for more than 75 years with their superior quality pencils. If you are searching for the cheapest yet the best erasable colored pencils, try Sargent Art colored pencils. The box includes 12 colored pencils and costs only near $5. If you are an expert, these 12 colors are enough for you to create more shades by mixing them.

Furthermore, let’s look at their structure. We see a 3.3mm thick barrel that contains thick lead, which is not easily breakable or crackable even by pushing harder during blending. The 7 inches long colored pencils last longer and are long enough to make good grips in hands. They have offered pre-sharpened colored pencils for your convenience. These erasable colored pencils are non-toxic, which makes them suitable for kids of 5 or more.

If you are wondering about their quality—they may be less in number because of their lower cost yet deliver extraordinary quality with their rich pigment colors. The pencils are equipped with an eraser on their top, so you don’t have to buy an eraser separately. The company claims its goal is to supply dependable materials that fit every artist’s budget. This promise comes true with the best erasable colored pencils.

  • Offers by Well-Known Brand
  • Economical
  • Provides Rich Colors
  • Features Thick and Long Pencil
  • Non-toxic
  • Contains relatively fewer pencils.

4. Cra-Z-Art Erasable Colored Pencils

Cra-Z-Art Erasable Colored Pencils

If you are searching for one of the cheapest yet best erasable colored pencils that can deliver everything an artist seeks for their artwork, try Cra-Z-Art erasable pencils. They are the cheapest colored pencils available on amazon and other marketplaces. Still, they offer everything expensive colored pencils deliver at higher costs. But they offer fewer pencils that you would not mind if you are an expert and know-how to make more shades by mixing two or more.

The box includes 15 colored pencils, which include 3 bonus pencils. So, it would be more economical to buy more pencils at the lowest price. There are colors mentioned on each pencil for your convenience instead of writing numbers that can be tricky for new users. Their barrel is covered with the color that pencils feature to easily recognize what color you will be writing. Further, there is an eraser equipped at the top to erase the mistakes instantly and saves buying a separate eraser cost.

These colored pencils feature strong lead that does not break if you have to push harder for darker colors which most kids do. The sharpening is also efficient and prevents repeated lead braking for increased durability. Its round barrel is easy to grip and revolve during blending to use different pigment angles and sides. We can conclude, these are the most affordable colored pencils that you can consider buying if you are a beginner and cannot invest more.

  • Affordable Prices
  • Three Bonus Pencils
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Equipped with an Eraser
  • Delivers Rich Colors
  • 12 pencils only.

5. Staedtler Erasable Colored Pencils

Staedtler Erasable Colored Pencils

Staedtler Erasable colored pencils are German-made and deliver brilliant colors. The box contains 12 colored pencils that let you make different shades through proper blending. The pencils are equipped with an anti-braking coat that covers them entirely to avoid repeatedly breaking while using and sharpening. These colored pencils are super easy to sharpen. Their lead does not break while sharpening, making them the best enable colored pencils.

Besides, these pencils come at an affordable price to offer the same performance delivered by highly expensive colored pencils. Its packaging is attractive and not easily breakable during shipping and regular use. The box keeps the pencils safe and prevents breaking that causes them when they come under kids use. Its grip is firm enough to provide smooth writing, drawing, sketching, and blending without slipping from the fingers. Its surface is not circular but hexagonal for a firm grip.

The colored pencils are easily erasable without damaging the paper or ruining the artwork. That’s why we highly recommend it to beginners, experts, and professionals. Besides these professionals, school kids love them for their school projects. Moreover, the material used in their construction is entirely non-toxic, making them best for kids of 5 or more. Overall, these are the best erasable colored pencils that are worth buying.

  • Deliver Brilliant Colors
  • German Made
  • Easy to Sharp
  • Suitable for Kids
  • Easy to Erase
  • Color not Mentioned

Comparison Chart: Best Erasable Colored Pencils

Erasable Colored Pencils

Top Feature


Crayola Erasable Colored Pencils

Offers More Colors


Prismacolor Col-Erase Erasable Colored Pencil

Strong Medium Point


Sargent Art 22-7203 Assorted Erasable Colored Pencils

Provides Rich Colors


Cra-Z-Art Erasable Colored Pencils

Three Bonus Pencils


Staedtler Erasable Colored Pencils

Deliver Brilliant Colors


Comparison Chart: Best Erasable Colored Pencils

What to Look into Before Buying Erasable Colored Pencils?

Before you buy erasable colored pencils, there are some factors that you should consider. Otherwise, you will end up with the wrong pack of colored pencils that will ruin your buying experience, and you will not be satisfied either. So, consider these things while buying erasable colored pencils, and we guarantee you will end up with the best box that can deliver what you need.


Since you are looking for erasable colored pencils, that means your entire focus is on erasability. So, your box of colored pencils must have erasability. It means they should be super easy to erase without causing any damage to paper or the project. You can make mistakes, which is completely fine, but you must have a reliable backup like erasing the drawn lines. That’s why we recommend looking at the erasability factor before buying them.

Number of Colored Pencils

It entirely depends on you how many pencils you expect in your box. If you spend more money, you can buy a box with many pencils and likewise you will get fewer pencils by spending less money. The important thing is how many pencils you need for your artwork. If you are an expert and know how to make more shades using fewer pencils, then go with a small pack. Otherwise, you should buy a box that contains more pencils.

Lead Strength

You will never want a pencil that continuously breaks while sharpening or pushing little pressure to give rich colors. For this, the lead equipped should be strong enough to withstand repeatedly cracking and breaking. The colored pencils with strong lead are relatively more durable and provide smooth results. So, it is important to consider the strength featured by the colored pencils.


What are the best erasable colored pencils for beginners?

Prismacolor Col-Erase Erasable Colored Pencils are one of the best erasable colored pencils for beginners. First, they come more in number that makes it convenient for beginners to draw using more colors. Second, these pencils deliver more erasability than any other pack offers, which helps the beginners make mistakes and then easily correct them without any hassle.

Are erasable colored pencils worth buying?

If you are a beginner and make many mistakes while doing art projects, these colored pencils are worth buying. Also, if you want colored pencils for your kid, these are highly recommended because they are going to make many mistakes that need to be corrected right away. In that case, these colored pencils provide erasability, which means drawn lines are easily erased without causing any trouble.

Which erasable colored pencils are best for professionals?

Cra-Z-Art Erasable Colored Pencils are suitable for professionals because they come in fewer numbers, and professionals know how to use them to make more colors. Besides, they deliver brilliant colors that every expert needs. The pencils feature a strong medium point that prevents regular cracking and breaking. The professionals will never want to do sharpening again and again—that’s why these colored pencils are highly recommended for them.

Are there erasable colored pencils?

Yes, all these reviewed colored pencils are erasable colored pencils because their drawn lines or shades are easily erased with a regular eraser. Besides, they are erased without damaging the page or ruining the whole drawing, sketch, or painting. Some of them are super easy to erase, and some may take little effort.

Buyers Reviews

These erasable colored pencils are chosen after thoroughly checking out the buyer’s reviews. That’s why we are satisfied with their thoughts and experiences with these colored pencils. Most buyers are finding these pencils easily erasable and extremely economical. Some of them love the rich and brilliant colors they deliver. Still, few customers are pointing out the packaging that needs improvements.


If spending some money by burying the best erasable colored pencils can make your drawing better, then it is totally worth spending. You make mistakes, and these mistakes help you learn, but you must have a reliable backup to make it up to those mistakes. We recommend buying erasable colored pencils instead of buying an expensive eraser that may erase the drawn lines or colors but will ruin the page.

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