Derwent Drawing Pencils Review 2023

Derwent Drawing Pencils Review

Color pencils are a dynamic medium that the artist is highly beloved as they are cable of rendering art styles that are expressive and unique. The versatile color pencils allow you the applications of opaque colors by pressing harder, layering, or blending. The Derwent Drawing pencils are the most versatile form of pencils having extreme softness, and you need to apply light pressure for creating thin lines and harder pressure for thicker.

These are 100% lightfast, having a creamy texture to produce a velvety finish. They have a unique waxy consistency which makes them easy to apply and creates a smooth appearance. Their pigments are strong enough to withstand light and have never fad for 100 years. Let uncover everything about Derwent Drawing pencils and why we highly recommend them.

Derwent Drawing Pencils Packs

Initially, Derwent introduced the drawing pencils of only six colors in 1986, which is eventually expanded to 24 contains all earthly and natural greys, browns, and sepias. But now, it’s available in different sets with various features and colors for professional drawings. Considering them the most superior pencils we have ever seen, that’s why we are going to explain each set-in detail with their features.

In a harry!! Here is our top pick

1. Derwent Drawing Set of 12 Pencils

Derwent Drawing Set of 12 Pencils
Derwent Drawing Set of 12 Pencils

You can use Derwent soft pencils regularly in your sketching to produce extraordinary blending and more detailing. They are available in 12 pencils set at the lowest price for creating fabulous sketches. This set contains Sub Yellow, Salmon, Violet, Mid Ultramarine, Mallard Green, Scarlet, Yellow Ochre, Sandstone, Natural Brown, Black, White colors. It comes with the following features:

Key Features Derwent Drawing Set of 12 Pencils


Their barrels are chunky and round, providing a comfortable grip. Come with dark tail color having a golden strip. They are stamped with silver debossing which includes the brand name, color, and number. These pencils feel substantial in hand and have a dense 5mm core which seems very strong and reliable.


These pencils are not ideal for professionals to contain a limited variety of colors. But suitable for children and students for drawing and sketching. They include a hard lead which needs a lot of pressure to produce bright colors. Its 8mm diameter will help to create an excellent drawing with a velvety finish on the paper.

Detailing Work

You can achieve blending by layering lightly until enough pigments build and the color merge. Hence its time consuming and need some patience. That’s why you need some practice or getting used to it, but you will get excellent results with Derwent Drawing pencils.


These pencils erase surprisingly well by using a good eraser. Also, these pencils will leave some pencil dust when coloring, so be careful while using them; otherwise, you will notice smudging. Gently blow the dust away by using a brush.


Durability is the sheer fact of these pencils. They are incredibly sturdy with their 5mm core. Also, each pencil we sharpened gave a super sharp point with no breakage infect. You don’t need to sharpen again and again as the points last longer.

2. Derwent Drawing Small-Sized Pack-24 Pencils

Derwent Drawing Small-Sized Pack-24 Pencils
Derwent Drawing Small-Sized Pack-24 Pencils

Derwent’s 24 pencils packs are ideal for both beginners and professionals. The small-sized pack of Derwent Drawing pencils is perfect for sweeping landscapes to detail nature artwork. This pack contains soft textured pencils having extra wide strips providing help in coloring fur and feathers. Each of the pencils has soft, creamy round 5mm leads and 8mm in diameter. It also contains sepia tones that are very helpful in drawing portraits.

Small-sized packs are great for nature due to the colors being muted and natural-toned. Also fantastic for skin tones and pencils are easy to sharpen or erase. They are professional quality and fast drawing pencils. They come in a tin that looks modern and beautiful. And ideal for face illustrations enables you for detailed work, well shading and easy to grip. We were amazed after trying all the colors as they consist of the following features:

Key Features Derwent Drawing Small-Sized Pack-24 Pencils


These colors are solid, having soft cores that make blending an easy task. The multiple layers of wax core add additional vibrancy without leaving an overly intense waxy coating. As the previous smaller pack contains primary tones; but this includes more varied techniques for further classic blending. All of the colors can blend with each other and can create new varieties. You can smoothly fill any gaps by merely combining the pencils either by simple pressure from the point or by mixing it with any solvent.


These pencil colors are considered professional quality as Derwent is a trustworthy brand that makes reliable, high-quality art supplies. They are durable enough as they will remain the same for up to 100 years. These wax-based artist-quality pencils are soft, and the pigments are rich and intense. They don’t feel waxy and provide a firm grip.


These pencil colors have a waxy texture that makes them ideal for layering and blending. Hence you can create as many of your blooms by mixing them. Plus, the thick 5mm color leads have adequate strength to produce variations in shading or intensities of colors. This pack contains Light sienna, Ink Blue, Smoke Blue, Pale Cedar, Green Shadow, Olive Earth, Mars Orange Sanguine, Mars Violet, Chocolate, and many more different classic shads.


These color pencils come in a metal tin or a wooden box having 24 different colored pencils. The type of pencils and colors are stamped on the sides of the packaging. Furthermore, best for specific applications like blending, detailing, and deep color manipulation.

3. Derwent Drawing Pencils set of 36 colors

Derwent Drawing Pencils set of 36 colors
Derwent Drawing Pencils set of 36 colors

The set of 36 Colored pencils contains green, brown, grey shades and is guaranteed to make perfect drawings. You can easily erase these colors, but reds will usually stain the white paper. They are very creamy and soft pencils with a firm grip. Working on black paper, you need less pressure to put where you want to dark the drawing. Each pencil has 2.5 mm diameter strips which you can sharpen to a fair point for precise work. It can be used for a variety of paper types for drawing or coloring and delivering vibrant results. Besides, the barrels are made using Californian cedar wood, save for children if they accidentally chew.

Key Features Derwent Drawing Pencils set of 36 colors

Professional Shading Tones

This Derwent Drawing pencils set consists of Scarlet, salmon, Heather, Violet, Blue Violet, Mid Ultramarine, Dark Turquoise, Mallard Green, Van Dyke Brown, Mist, Flesh Pink, Oyster, Nightshade, Spruce Green, Forest, Olive earth, Sepia, Warm Grey, Cloud Grey, Midnight Black, white, Seaweed and Venetian Red classic shades.

Ability to Erase

You can erase these pencils colored easily through an essential eraser. However, ordinary color pencils are difficult to erase, ruin the entire work and affect the page. That’s why Derwent put great effort in designing such pencils that are easy to erase through standard easier and make your job easier.

4. Derwent Drawing 72 pencils pack

Derwent Drawing 72 pencils pack
Derwent Drawing 72 pencils pack

Derwent Drawing pencils are best for detailed artwork. Its 72 pencils pack contains almost the same colors in 24 pencils pack pallets but is more perfect for detailed work, particularly illustration. Also, the barrel is hexagonal rather the round so that you will get a firmer grip. Derwent-colored pencils are wax-based pencils having hardcore with little wax bloom. This pack contains lots of earthy tones that can blend quickly. These pencils are comfortable, having a firm grip or an 8mm diameter with a decent weight. The actual core of the pencil is 5mm with exquisite pigments. Their smooth texture produces high-quality drawings. Although building colored layers can be intricate, these colored pencils will create traditional graphics.

Key Features Derwent Drawing 72 pencils pack

100% Lightfast

It’s the measurement of the pigment’s ability to resist fading under normal circumstances. A lightfast pigment does not fade, and all the Derwent drawing pencils are lightfast quality pencils that resist the light and never fade under normal conditions. These all 72 pencils are 100% lightfast never fade for up to 100 years. Plus, it provides a smooth texture that is something required for joyful painting.

Outstanding Artistic pencil

Its 8mm barrel is constructed for elegant maple and gives the pencil a natural look. On the side, the barrel is encased with a stunning 4mm core, plus the aroma of the high-quality wood provides mental peace and helps create creative drawings. Derwent went to the extra level to make such fantastic color pencils that meet every crafter, professional artist, and colorists’ demands to achieve the highest quality work.


Derwent is an England brand providing highly pigmented colors that blend to give you an infinite way of creating huge colors. Hence, these pencils are smooth and creamy, ideal for making portraits, wildlife drawings, landscapes because every closure you need is present in Its 72 pencil color palettes.

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Customers Reviews

Buyers love Derwent’s pencils colors due to various reasons as they are precisely what the company described their colors. They liked their vivid, soft, and blendable features because it’s hard to get finely detailed with pencils colors. They said these wax-based colors with 5mm core for firm grip and excellent drawing experience. Plus, they loved its lightfast trademark that never fades and lasts for longer. Their nature typed colors selection with various colors in every Platte helps draw creative and professional paintings.

Furthermore, buyers appreciate the muted tones and how all the colors seem to blend nicely. Customers find it’s a fantastic product that sharpens well creates a tremendous fine line, erases easy and is perfect for sketchbooks. Buyers highly recommend Derwent Color Pencils as well-made, excellent quality, great pricing, durable, and lightfast color pencils. What more an artist needs in their art weapon? Derwent pencils have everything to get started, ideal for professionals and beginners.

Derwent drawing pencils Pros & Cons

  • Perfect for earthy Tones nGreat for bleeding application nStrong, durable thick core nProfessional color pencils nAffordable in price
  • Price increases with according to pencil count pack


Are Derwent Drawing pencils worth buying?

Derwent Drawing pencils are considered to be high-quality professional pencils. In general, the Derwent brand is a trustworthy brand that maintains a high reputation for making reliable, high-quality art supplies. You can buy Derwent color pencils without any fear of wasting your money as they are well known for their quality and durability.

What is the difference between Derwent and Derwent Academy?

Derwent’s are metallic pencils that can be bought separately in a set of 6,12,24, or more. Simultaneously, The Derwent Academy are the watercolor pencils ideal for college students and an excellent way to start experimenting with your creativity.

What type of sharpener is best for Derwent Lightfast Pencils?

Hand-held sharpeners work well with lightfast color pencils that provide pointed tips. Although Helical pencil sharpeners can be used due to the soft, creamier core of the Derwent pencil, the auto stop feature in the helical sharpener could not detect when the pencil is sharp.

What is Lightfastness?

It’s the chemical stability of a pigment under extended exposure to light. According to the ASTM D6901 standard, a pencil with a rating of LFI and LFII is 100% lightfast. Hence all the Derwent pencils are lightfast when displayed under museum conditions will never fade and last for longer.

Can I mix Derwent lightfast pencils with water?

Yes, these pencils are soluble in water, so mix them with water and get more stunning watercolor effects. This feature will empower you to draw and add crisp details effortlessly.


Derwent drawing pencils introduce some fascinating colors that you might feel difficulty in emulating through blending with other sets. Its application is smooth, and its wide core provides you with a firm grip and full control to do subtle detailing. Plus, make blending an easy task and a great addition to your artist tool belt if you are interested in wildlife pictures, landscapes and want to scratch something related to nature. When it’s come to blending these colors, pencils blend tremendously, and you can do layer over layer like crayons to create a rich effect. Also, their opaque property enables you to layer lighter colors over darker ones. We recommend these pencils to anyone who wants to achieve chalk pastel effects neatly.

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