Marco Raffine Colored Pencils Review 2023

Colored pencils are the primary essential tools for any artist. That’s why choosing them wisely is important because they can either make your art extraordinary or may ruin it entirely. Many artists go for Marco Raffine Colored Pencils because of many reasons in helping their work. That’s why we decided to review these colored pencils to make it convenient for you to decide if you should also go for them or not.

We have compiled an unbiased review here after using them for different purposes. There are many things to consider before buying colored pencils. We have focused everything on Marco Raffine Colored Pencils to give you the best options to consider. Mainly it includes what these pencils actually look like, how they make a grip in fingers, what their performance is, and how long they will last. Besides these qualities, you would also like to know if you can afford them or not. So, go through this detailed article, and you will get everything you need to know.

Key Features

Before you are buying Marco Raffine Colored Pencils, you would definitely like to know their key features. It means what they can deliver to your artwork. So, first, take a look at each quality in detail before you make the final decision.


These pencils come in silver color with an enlarged barrel that is hard enough to provide you with proper blending. There is a color-dipped end on each pencil for color recognition. Each pencil has the brand’s name and color number marked for your convenience. You will feel a super light pencil in hand with its dense 3.3mm lead that is hard and will remain stable while using.

All the pencils are uniform in details such as width, design, and length. They are attractive enough to warm up your color pencils collection besides delivering other quality features. The pencils are available in three different packs—24, 48, and 72 according to your requirements. When you open the box, you’ll see they are organized in shades from lighter to darker, and that makes sense.


Marco Raffine Colored Pencils come in pretty adorable packaging. Because of its beautiful packaging, we recommend using them as a gift for your loved one. The packaging clearly mentions the number of pencils in the box with numbers. They are safely packed inside the plastic box that keeps them secure from any external damage while delivering or during usage. Still, the plastic box can be replaced with a harder one for more security and to avoid popping pencils.


Marco Raffine has kept the environment’s needs in mind while manufacturing these colored pencils. The pencils are made of recycled wood and are non-toxic, making them environmentally friendly. They have used a premium quality material to prevent repeatedly breaking the barrel and lead inside the pencil. This way, the pencils last comparatively longer and save more money.


They have used oil instead of wax to offer better results on white and black pages. You need to put effort into getting a brilliant number of pigments. These pencils dominate other colored pencils in the same price range because of their outstanding performance. The pencils give reasonably good blending, just like higher grade leads.

Using these Marco Raffine colored pencils, you can get different shades by applying varying pressures. You can get quick blends without taking much pressure on the pencils. Their lead lasts far better than other colored pencils, and you will not need sharpening soon. The pencil will not break either because of the quality material used in their construction.

Ability to Sharp, Smudge, and Erase

The oil lead used in the pencils gives many benefits besides helping easy erasing on different pages using a standard eraser. Sometimes, the drawn work takes effort to erase completely and ends up ruining the entire work and affecting the page as well. They have paid attention to making colored pencils that can easily be erased using any regular eraser that is quite satisfying.

You can smudge the pencil by sweeping a heavy hand over them. Similarly, you can blow off the pencil dust before you handle it before picturing the color sets well into the page. Furthermore, the sharpening is relatively good because the leads are hard, and it is quite easy to maintain a needle-sharp print without crumbling at the top. All of these Marco Raffine colored pencils are sharpened without breaking the lead because of the perfect thickness provided.


These are the best budget-friendly colored pencils available in the market. Because of their lower prices yet providing quality pencils, they are badly dominating their competitors. All of their packs are relatively cheaper, and by spending fewer more bucks, you can get the higher pack with more pencils. So, overall, when it comes to the pricing, these are the best budget pencils that are comparatively cheaper.


These pencils are equipped with a hard lead that does not break easily while sharpening or during work. That’s why they last longer, which saves more money. It covers a larger area in blending and drawings without costing much lead. That means you don’t have to sharpen repeatedly, which proved annoying for many users. We can conclude, these pencils are highly durable and will last more than you expect.

Marco Raffine Colored Pencils Packs

These outstandingly working colored pencils are categories in mainly three different packers according to their needs. Some users prefer fewer pencils in the box, and others consider more. This division is entirely based on the work needs and has nothing to do with their budget. Still, you will be paying less money while buying a pack of fewer colored pencils. So, choose the one that suits your work requirements and prevent wasting more money on buying a large size pack. Take a look at these different packs and decide which one you need.

01. Marco Raffine Colored Pencils Small

Marco Raffine Assorted Professional Drawing Colored Pencils
Marco Raffine Colored Pencils Small

These are high-quality drawing pencils, and the box contains 24 pencils of different colors and shades. The fewer pencils are mostly preferred for drawing, writing, and sketching purposes that need comparatively fewer shades. Still, they manage to provide brilliant colors on your artwork to glow the art using these pencils.

If you are looking for coloring Lost Ocean Coloring Book, Enchanted Forest, and Secret Garden, this pencil box can be the best choice. These Marco Raffine colored pencils provide a smooth and high print effect while using them to enhance the productivity of the artist’s work. The pencils are non-toxic and environmentally friendly because they are brilliantly crafted with recycled wood.

Moreover, we suggest not to buy for children under the age of 3 because of choking hazards. Otherwise, they could be an adorable gift for your friends and family on different occasions. It will help them in making their artwork more flowing using these exceptional colored pencils. Overall, you can consider this pack if you are into artwork that does not require many shades.

02. Marco Raffine Colored Pencils Medium

Colored Pencils, Marco Raffine Fine 48 Colors Art Drawing Pencil
Marco Raffine Colored Pencils Medium

These 48 colors premium quality colored pencils are preferable for more shading work such as writing, drawing, sketching, blending, and painting. Professional painters mostly find these colored pencils more suitable because of their nature of work. The 48 different shades and colors combine to produce more detailed artwork that experts like to deliver.

Moreover, these pencils are more advanced because of the imported wood material used in their manufacturing with exquisite silver bodies. The pencils deliver vibrant and accurate colors to give smooth, high print and a wonderful output using them on different types of papers. Marco Raffine colored pencils in the medium-size pack can be suitable for both beginners who are looking forward to professional artwork and users who are already professional in their work.

If we take a look at the manufacturing of these pencils, we see they are made of recycled wood, making them environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Their 3.3 mm thicker barrel fits perfectly in the hands of professional artists while giving them exceptional artwork on the black and white page. The environmentally-friendly material used makes them easier to sharpen without harming your health in any way. Overall, we recommend these pencils or 48 to the users who want relatively more shades in their art.

03. Marco Raffine Colored Pencils Large

Marco Raffine Colored Pencils Large-Sized Pack—72 Pencils
Marco Raffine Colored Pencils Large

If you are an expert in your work and a professional artist as well, you need colored pencils of 72 packs. These pencils provide a wide range of nearly all the possible shades available in the market. They have taken a good step in enhancing your creativity while offering all the shades that you need for your work. Now, using these Marco Raffine colored pencils of 72 packs, you can produce outstanding art without any hassle.

Moreover, you can get into more detail while making paintings, sketching, blending, and other coloring arts. Like other packs, these pencils are also equipped with the same features because the manufacturer is the same. They have efforts in providing a versatile selection of subtle colors that can help you in making exceptional artworks.

Like other pencils, their barrel is hard enough to give smooth blending and makes a better grip on your fingers. There is the brand’s name mentioned on each pencil with its color number and color-dipped end. Their environmentally friendly and non-toxic nature helps the customer to buy for their kids. Overall, we recommend these 72-pack-colored pencils to experts and professionals only because beginners may need that number of shades.

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Buyers Reviews

The buyers are loving them because of many reasons. Mainly they feature oil blending that most of the artists love instead of traditional wax. Further, buyers are finding them a great product at a great price because they are available at a budget-friendly cost which is comparatively less than most colored pencils.

Moreover, the buyers get feedback about their easy sharpening and sharpening without breaking. It provides smooth, nice coverage and pigment. In addition, they did not find any visible abrasion feel besides delivering consistent color and blending all the way down to the bottom. The buyers have highly recommended Marco Raffine colored pencils for beginners, experts, and professionals.

Marco Raffine colored pencils Pros & Cons

  • Better Quality nLess Need of Sharpening nBrilliant Blending nDurable nBudget-Friendly
  • Price increases with the pencil counts.


Are Marco Raffine colored pencils worth buying?

If you are looking for the best budget colored pencils that deliver quality work to your art while glowing your art. In that case, these colored pencils are worth buying because of their performance, quality output, easy erasing, smudging, and sharpening. Moreover, these pencils make a better grip on your fingers to give you more confidence during work.

What colored pencils do professionals use?

There are many colored pencils available in the market that professionals use. But if we narrowed it down to one set of colored pencils, Marco Raffine colored pencils will be the best choice for experts and professionals because of many possible reasons. If you check out different reviews, you will see many expert artists recommend these colored pencils for beginners and professionals.

What are better-colored pencils, oil-based or wax-based?

A few years earlier, wax-based colored pencils were widely used. But these days, experts recommend oil-based colored pencils because they provide a wide number of bright pigments that are necessary to produce radiant artwork. Similarly, we recommend oil-colored pencils as well, and that’s why we reviewed these colored pencils that are oil-based and deliver brilliant colors.

What colored pencils are best for blending?

Marco Raffine Colored Pencils are one of the best colored pencils available in the market right now, which are perfect for blending purposes. Besides providing brilliant blending, these pencils are best for drawing, sketching, and other coloring purposes. Moreover, besides providing outstanding results, the pencils come at an affordable price that is quite satisfying for beginners.


If anyone is looking for the best-budget and highly performing colored pencils, we will highly recommend Marco Raffine colored pencils. Most beginners have to start with a low budget and yet are looking for something to deliver the same quality as other colored pencils. In that case, these colored pencils rescue beginners and provide what they seek.

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