Sudee Stile Colored Pencils Review 2023

Sudee Stile Colored Pencils Review

Colored pencils are a terrific medium since they are simple to use, require little cleaning, and expose you to the fantastic world of color. However, with so many great colored pencil brands to choose from, it might be challenging to decide which colored pencils to use.

Colored pencils are always a great choice when it comes to picking up an affordable brand. We will review brilliant budget-friendly colored pencils better than the brands that cost 3X,4X, and 5X more than this one. The Sudee Stile Colored Pencils is the immediate solution for all artists without breaking the bank. Perhaps the name is not commonly used in the art world.

But it’s a rising star in the art industry and a hot selling item at online stores like Amazon. What making the brand so popular? To get the answer, we tested the product and wrote an honest review about them. So here are the views we get after trying Sudee Stile Colored Pencils. Let’s get started.

Art Colored Pencils Set for Drawing
  • Cost

Sudee Stile colored pencils are incredibly affordable and available in a massive pack of 150 sets. The hexagonal barrel with a wax base is available in an affordable price range. Sudee Stile Colored Pencils, 120 ct, have a thick core and are easy to sharpen. They offer 120 different vivid colors to select from in a three-layered casing.

The pencils are presently only sold on Amazon and are not accessible in shops. They’re currently available in a range of $35 for the entire 120-piece set and have been as low as $27. These pencils are also available in 120 different colors and packs of 24, 48, 72, 96, and the entire set of 120. However, the pricing varies according to the color ranges.

  • Presentation

Sudee Stile Colored Pencils are packaged in a cardboard carton with different slots for the pencils. While we preferred steel or metal trays over cardboard. As they are strong enough to give appropriate safety.

There is a vast range of reds and brown colors in the box. This works well for coloring woodlands, sunsets, and flowers. In reality, after conducting some research, it was discovered that Sudee Stile used to sell a 120-count colored pencil set. Even a 120-count pack of non-duplicate colored pencils offers a plethora of options.

We’re not sure what Sudee Stile thought when they decided to add another 30 pencils. The good news is that you can get different colored pencils for not much more money. Another fascinating fact about Sudee Stile Colored Pencils is there is a lot of proof that the same company makes these pencils as Marco Raffine Colored Pencils. Another great touch is that this set includes two manual pencil sharpeners. These pencil sharpeners aren’t particularly elegant, but they do their job efficiently.

The barrels of the pencils are semi-gloss silver. There is a color-matching dipped base at the bottom. In most cases, we observed that the color on the base closely resembled the color of the actual lead.

We wish Sudee Stile had added extra details on the side of the pencil. This might contain information such as the exact set from which the pencil was obtained, the actual color, and a lightfast rating.

Perhaps the Suede Style company logo and the color code that corresponds to that pencil may be found on the side of the pencil.

  • Packaging

Initially, these were all wrapped in a polycarbonate screw-lid tub. Also, they are remarkably wedged in against a few bubblewrap. Its package will undoubtedly last a long time but is prone to fracture with a lot of use. The 120-piece set is now accessible in a sturdy cardboard box with three trays of pencils and two mechanical pencils.

There have been instances of these coming with no packing or being found in a plastic bag. In such a situation, always contact the seller or Amazon, and we are sure they’ll get it resolved.

  • Visuals

We thought they had simply rebranded Marco Raffine pencils with a different name written on them, but they are not. The Marco Raffines is oil-based, while the lead in the Sudee Stiles is almost undoubtedly wax. Although It also doesn’t write wherever on pencils or in the Amazon listings for what the led is created of.

We initially thought they were oil-based because they behaved so analogously to the Marco Raffines. But a few days after coloring, we noticed a sharp wax bloom had built up on intensely lustrous colored areas. This feature led to believe that they were wax.

  • Durability

Because the Sudee Stile Colored Crayons are wax-based, you may experience slight wax blooming if you apply them extensively. Nevertheless, compared to other wax pencils in the industry, we considered the wax bloom mediocre. Well, after the third coat of application, the beeswax bloom begins to form. We had little success blending with solvents or water. However, given that these pencils are not water-soluble, this comes as no surprise.

  • Blending

Blending isn’t very appealing, but it’s also not horrible. The essential thing to remember here is that blending will be unnecessary with such a broad range of pencils. There’s a strong possibility that the precise color you’re looking for is already accessible in one of the format’s 150 pencils.

The center of the wax is a little firm. This is a significant reason why the blending isn’t as good as with more costly colored pencils. However, the stricter core has advantages. Even under relatively high application pressures, the tip appears to maintain a good point. Sudee Stile Colored Pencils are suitable for highly intricate sections of your work that require a sharp end and superior user control.

If you want to apply the color over a more extensive area, dull the tip down a little, and you’ll have a much broader stroke. The core width is 3.3mm, which is large enough yet to sweep color yet tiny sufficient to handle more detailed regions.

The color appears to be generated beautifully even with external application pressure. This is useful if you simply want a small quantity of color in a particular region. Also, when you need to put down some rich colors, the pencils respond well.

 Art Drawing Colored Pencil
  • Blending

The tips aren’t very soft, but they’re also not firm. In terms of hardness, they’re most akin to Faber Castell Polychromos, and they feel virtually equivalent to Marco Raffines. They offer incredibly vivid and even saturation without the need to press hard.

They are straightforward to mix and tint with, and they are pretty equivalent to Marco Raffines. They retain an excellent point, so you don’t have to sharpen them all the time. They are very glossy, so even light coloring produces an excellent standard of color without injuring your hands.

Various people have very troublesome joints, especially near palms, and finish up in a lot of anguish. You need to squeeze too hard while coloring through Sudee Stile pencils. Therefore they are best for those suffering from repetitive strain injury in the right thumb. These pencils haven’t aggravated any of this because they’re soft enough. These pencils are suitable for all levels of colorists, from beginners to specialists and artists.

  • Sharpening

The pencils arrive pre-sharpened with a dampened juncture. Furthermore, they require sharpening before being used; for some reason. There appears to be some coating on them that makes them a little harsh, to begin with. But this goes away as soon as you polish them.

They’re entirely different once sharpened. None of our pencils had broken leads when they arrived. We have used pencils with excellent smooth hardwood barrels, so there shouldn’t be any sharpening difficulties. Also, we have had no breakages so far.

Because the pencils sharpen to such a fine point, they can be used to color highly intricate images, which is very useful for some of the most elaborate adult coloring books on the market.

They perform well on a variety of papers, and we haven’t any problems with them. A couple of them feel a bit gritty and scratchy at times. But that’s to be expected when buying pencils at these rates. It’s typically just a piece of grit that sharpens out, and the pencil is great again.

  • Erasing

The coloring does cleanse very quickly, particularly with a lithium-ion eraser. So these are great for those of you who regularly color over the lines and want to clean up the edges. Indeed, you’ll never be capable of removing all of the pigment, especially if it’s burnished. But a surprising number does come off.

The color palette is great; there are a fair balance of light, bright, pale, and dark hues within each color group, and none are over-represented. The leads are firm enough to maintain a decent point and do not require frequent sharpening. Yet soft enough to be ideal for the elderly, those with weak grips, and those with arthritis, painful joints, and other hand ailments.

1. SUDEE STILE Colored Pencils 150 Colors Pack

SUDEE STILE Colored Pencils
SUDEE STILE Colored Pencils

SUDEE STILE colored Pencils of 150 color packs show efficient colors and effectiveness, which accomplishes excellence in sketching, drawings, and some other graphic art. The latest Pencil manufacturing techniques are committed to providing the best buying experience with a wide range of colors. You can enjoy lushly striking bright colors with the 150 unique colors pencil pack.

The lead of superior quality provides optimal sketching experience in affordable pricing. The 3.3mm sturdy lead provides a smooth and uninterrupted drawing experience. All colored pencils come in packaging that is easy to use. They are also available in a durable tube-shaped plastic storage container for a more accessible color selection. Its compact size for easier carries with you wherever you go.

Also, these colored pencils offer a lifetime warranty. Their highlighted features include pine timber manufacturing material, unique adhesive crafting, firmly kept vibrant lead color, special packaging, and long-lasting pigments.

These colored pencils are ideal for adults to draw, sketch and do other kinds of artwork. The 3.3mm sturdy lead provides a smooth and uninterrupted coloring feeling.

Plus, the bold tip allows for easier coloring laydown, and premium quality materials provide tint outcomes. In short, the colors of the pencils are best for beginners and professionals.

2. SUDEE STILE Colored Pencils 120 Colors Pack

SUDEE STILE 120 Unique Colors Pack
SUDEE STILE 120 Unique Colors Pack

Sudee Stile colored pencils, 120 counts, have a thick core, and are easy to sharpen. They offer 120 different vivid colors to select from in a three-layered casing. However, the color of the lead does not match the color of the paper.

These colors of pencils are available at the cheapest rates to provide optimal results. It has several characteristics, including vivid colors, easy to sharpen, durable, and easy to use. The 120 pencils colors are easy to use and available in simple packaging. The 3.3 width nib is practical to use on children drawing notebooks. The paint will never be discolored or fade after some time of use.

Its manufacture uses the wood to be ecologically friendly and safe. In our opinion, the best reason you would select them over any other color pencils is the soft grip or if you want different colors.

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The Sudee Stile Colored Pencils left us extremely pleased. They performed pretty identically to the Marco Raffine Colored Pencils we tested.

These wax-based pencils are the ideal size for a broad range of applications. These pencils will work well for both detailed and comprehensive regions of color application.

Color application is pretty impressive for a pencil in this price category, especially with the bolder hues. The blending isn’t fantastic, but this isn’t a big deal with so many pencil colors to pick from.

Numerous pencils are difficult to distinguish based on the color they produce, even after removing 50+ pencils from the collection. But we believe Sudee Stile could have created an effective outcome. At the same time, any of the colored pencils featured in this post may be used to produce outstanding artwork. These colored pencils are aimed at experienced painters for providing excellent quality.

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